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July 8, 2015 / Bill Thompson

Joe Gacy vs. Frankie Pickard from Combat Zone Wrestling 2015


Post by Bill Thompson:

This match is for Frankie Pickard’s Combat Zone Wrestling Wired Championship.

A rematch from a match six days earlier that is in the running for match of the year in 2015. The rematch isn’t at that level, but it’s still a heck of a great match. For Pickard, it is a sign that the future of grappling on the American indie scene is in good hands. For Joe Gacy, it’s another feather in his ever growing cap of great wrestling.

This match is all about redemption and merit. Gacy is seeking redemption, and Pickard is looking to prove that he has merit beyond one fluke win. This results in a very long feeling out process. I can see this being a problem for some, but I loved the first twenty minutes and how they laid bare the entirety of what the match was about. A series of lockups where Gacy tries to show that he is the better man. Meanwhile Pickard just wants to prove that he is a man and that he deserves to be wearing Gacy’s former gold belt. Each lockup is like a little mini-story, a battle within the greater war of the match. It’s the micro and the macro meeting and producing something very compelling.

The only true negative I would bring to bear against this match (outside of Pickard’s Kip-Up DDT spot which I still hate) is that it did feel like the longer it went the more drawn out the match became. I loved the tightly woven story and grappling of the first twenty five minutes or so. The final ten minutes were a little looser, and though they still worked it made me yearn for the tightness of the opening stanza. Luckily in the final few minute, Gacy and Pickard brought the match home in a satisfactory fashion. It lacked the punch of their first match, and I’ll be honest I would have liked to have seen Pickard hold the strap a while longer. That being said, as a short term story, the Pickard title reign and loss was solid stuff.

This match doesn’t hold a candle to the first match between those two. That’s not a knock against this match though, rather it’s a testament to how great their first encounter was. That being said, I liked a lot about this match as well and it is a great match when all is said and done. I’m on the Gacy bandwagon and who knows how high Pickard can go as her gets more seasoning. Dojo Wars delivers again; what a surprise.

Bill Thompson

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