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July 1, 2015 / petersmu2014

Kota Umeda vs. Kazusada Higuchi DDT 2015

Post by Murray Peterson:

DNA is the developmental territory for DDT (that fun loving wacky Japanese company that also produces some of the finest wrestling you’ll ever see). Kazusada Higuchi is King of DNA. He spends most of his time not only dominating but main eventing. Higuchi has gone forward now and has worked several DDT events and has competed against some of the upper card members of the company. Umeda on the other hand I am less familiar with. I watch almost every DNA match, so my lack of memories about him doesn’t sit well for him being a stand out performer.

This match doesn’t get off a a raging start as Higuchi and Umeda trade different locks, feeling out the others strength. Some nice agility from Umeda, moving around the ropes into a arm drag. Umeda works the leg, trying to take the base away from his much larger opponent. Umeda transitions from submission work to kicking Higuchi’s legs from underneath him, and back again. Higuchi begins to make a comeback with a huge scoop slam, and claw submission attempts. Running splash only earns Higuchi a two count. Back into the claw, but Umeda gets the ropes again. Drop kick and tope combination from Umeda. Umeda takes control of the match, working away with strikes and drop kicks. Suplex slam and Oklahoma stampede get Higuchi right back into things. Umeda fights and hits a jackhammer type slam. High kick from Umeda and more legs kicks builds Umeda momentum but Higuchi lariats the hell out of him. Umeda catches Higuchi with another high kick and a crucifix driver! Close quarters knees from Umeda, but another defensive lariat for Higuchi. Giant choke bomb from Higuchi, but a kick out! Canadian backbreaker drop from Higuchi ends this match.

This was a very good match from these two. Higuchi continues to be himself, a strong yet very nimble opponent. Umeda got in a lot of great strikes, and Higuchi sold his high kick like it was meant to be a heavy shot. Umeda still isn’t showing as much personality as Higuchi or some of the other DNA trainees. However he went a long way in this match for establishing himself. My only wish is that all of the leg kicks and submission work from Umeda would have forced Higuchi to try and find himself a win in a different fashion than his usual. As I have said in the past, you can really follow these wrestlers careers in DNA and watch their progression. That is really the treat in all of this.


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