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June 28, 2015 / Sam DiMascio

Drew Gulak vs. Xavier Bell from Beyond Wrestling’s 6/28/15 Secret Show

Post by Sam DiMascio:

One of my favorite things to watch in wrestling is young performers trying to find themselves. Watching unfinished articles let’s you see ideas brought to the ring in a more raw manner. Even if they don’t manage to knock it out of the park you can kind of see the intent. In my eyes, there are few things funner to watch than that.

Xavier Bell was trained by Biff Busick with his mannerisms throughout the bout not looking to make you believe anything different. Essentially Xavier tries to do the Biff act against arguably his best opponent. It makes it kind of adorable in a way since Gulak stretches Bell for a couple good bits. Offensively, Bell isn’t there. It is a wee bit weak and he takes the weird gremlin scream from Busick. I don’t view that as an actual issue with him as a performer right out of the gate. The neat thing with Bell is he embraces the fact that he’s gotta get stretched. Also, if Xavier Bell plans on performing like this from the start then there aren’t many better options to work him through any growing pains than Drew Gulak.

[Editor’s Note: Assuming this match is shit since Sam didn’t really talk about it.]



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