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June 27, 2015 / Terrance Smith

Cedric Alexander vs. Smith Garrett from CWF Mid-Atlantic 2015

Post by Terrance Smith:

Pre-Match Thoughts:

This match looks to be an interesting one, as it has one person I really like against one person I have never heard of. Cedric is usually very good and the environment this match is in seems to produce fun matches. Smith, on the other hand, is a total mystery to me. I heard one person give a match of his 4* once, but other than that I’ve heard nothing. The question is whether Cedric and Smith will have a good match, or Garrett will drag down Alexander like a certain other wrestler.

Match Review:

While this isn’t a very unique match, the execution here propels this match and makes it really good. This match occurred very shortly after a heel turn from Alexander, so this was supposed to put over his new, less sportsmanly gimmick. During the early goings, the match consistent of generic chain wrestling and running the ropes spots, yet they were executed with vigor and also played into Cedric’s new attitude. Cedric would slap Smith or use a rope break to get an eye poke, further establishing his turn to the dark side. This sort of great character work continues through the entire match, as Cedric clearly played the heel. Smith, to his credit, holds his weight tenfold. He plays the perfect face in this position, using comebacks perfectly to compete with Alexander. Both played their parts perfectly, making a very cliché match feel new. Most spots here I have seen elsewhere, but both place the spots to perfectly forward the story and execute the spots in a very entertaining way. The finish was also tremendous, as it furthered the fighting spirit of the less experienced Garrett and cemented the heel turn of Cedric. Somehow these two talented wrestlers made sequences I have seen before and a structure I am familiar with feel new with excellent execution and a very logical story.

Rating: ***½

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