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June 16, 2015 / themosayat

Guerrero Maya Jr. vs. Bobby Zavala from CMLL’s En Busca de un Idolo 2015

Recap from Wrestling Addict:

Bobby Zavala was the wrestler that impressed me the least out of all the ones in En Busca de un Idolo that I’ve seen so far. So, this was his chance to redeem himself for me. Also, him and Guerrero Maya ended up being the top two point earners in the first round of the tournament, so I hoped this match would definitely be good.

Guerrero Maya hit two nice looking tilt-a-whirl backbreakers. There was a stupid sequence where Guerrero Maya jumped to springboard off the top rope, but Bobby kicked the second rope (and that somehow made Guerrero lose his balance and fall outside). Then Bobby ran the ropes, unnecessarily rolled in the middle of the ring stopping any momentum, then did a pescado plancha (slingshot crossbody splash) that barely looked like it hurt. Guerrero Maya made up for that by hitting an amazing tope suicida near the corner. Bobby finished the match after hitting a good dropkick and locking some modified submission finisher locking the leg and a full nelson while on his back.

From the two matches I watched of his, I’m not really sure why anybody would think Bobby Zavala is that good at all (except for him being a good looking man). He feels like a robotic wrestler who always looks like he’s trying to remember what he’s supposed to do next. His work looks sloppy, and he is the least graceful of all the competitors to me. I don’t know if I’m alone in thinking that.

Match Rating: Not really a bad match. At least catch the dive around 6:30 and the finish at 8:20.

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