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June 14, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Ophidian & Shynron vs. Jakob Hammermeier & Soldier Ant from CHIKARA Shock and Aww

Post by Kevin Ford:

This was a match from the year long “Challenge of the Immortals” tournament CHIKARA held in 2015. Ophidian’s team represents the Snake Pit while Hammermeier’s team represents the BDK. Despite Ophidian’s persistence, Soldier Ant absorbs his offense. Ophidian tosses him outside, bringing in Hammermeier with a sneak attack. Ophidian resists a whip across the ring. He flips in from the apron and back elbows Hammermeier against the ropes. Hammermeier responds in kind. Ophidian goes up top. Hammermeier tries throwing him off, but Ophidian rolls through and drops Hammermeier with the Duat Driver. He lands a headstand headbutt to the stomach. He sole butt kicks Hammermeier into a running shooting star press from Soldier Ant. Shynron pops up from Soldier Ant’s shoulder block. Shynron is able to get Soldier Ant to the floor and follows with a cartwheel plancha. Ophidian evades Hammermeier’s attack and takes him down with a trifecta of kicks. Ophidian goes for another headstand headbutt, but Hammermeier drives him face first into the canvas. Soldier Ant takes out Shynron so he and Hammermeier can isolate Ophidian in their half of the ring. Ophidian escapes when he turns a suplex from Soldier Ant into a Death Grip attempt. He turns it into a reverse prawn hold. When Soldier Ant kicks out, it sends Ophidian into the corner where he tags in Shynron. Shynron hops over Soldier Ant and cartwheel Pele kicks Hammermeier off the apron. He headscissors Soldier Ant and hits a standing Spanish Fly. He sends Soldier Ant to the floor with a Shoruken. Hammermeier tries a spin-out stunner. Shynron escapes and knocks Hammermeier down. He hits a middle rope 450 splash. Soldier Ant breaks the pin. Ophidian drives his knee into Hammermeier in the corner. Shynron lands a coast-to-coast dropkick before Ophidian drives his knees into him a second time. Soldier Ant breaks up the pin. He gives Shynron a Northern Lights Bomb for two. Ophidian chops up Soldier Ant in the corner. Hammermeier punches Ophidian in the back of the head. Shynron drags Soldier Ant out as Hammermeier gives Ophidian a Death Valley neckbreaker across his knee brace for two. Hammermeier ducks some offense from the Snake Pit, but falls to Shynron’s back handspring Ace Crusher for the pin at 11:36 (while Ophidian disposes Soldier Ant with his own Ace Crusher). Shynron’s flawless aerial offense was breathtaking in this match. The fluidity in which he moves is a sight to behold. He and Ophidian make for great partners, and because of that, I like that this win (along with Kingston’s) helped accelerate the Snake Pit up the COTI chart in just one night. In my mind, they’re a misfit team that has made their unnatural partnership work. Hammermeier played his role well. Soldier Ant was sadly just kinda there. **¾

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