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June 13, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Silver Ant vs. Blaster McMassive from CHIKARA Sword of Destiny

Post by Kevin Ford:

Silver Ant and McMassive waste no time going back and forth with hard strikes: forearms, chops, boots to the face, and knee strikes to name a few. Silver Ant catches McMassive coming off the ropes with an enzuigiri. McMassive rolls to the floor, so Silver Ant follows with a suicide dive. He pummels McMassive with ten successive punches. McMassive tries sending Silver Ant into the ring post, but Silver Ant halts on the apron and puts on an armbar. Upon release he tries a crossbody off the apron. McMassive catches him with a rib breaker. He pummels Silver Ant in front of a Colony fan in the front row. Silver Ant chops him back and looks for a suplex. McMassive turns it around, suplexing Silver Ant on the floor. Back in the ring, they chop one another in the corner with Silver Ant getting the better of the exchange. McMassive clobbers him in the face with a forearm and boots him in the opposite corner. Silver Ant catches McMassive with a tiger feint kick. He comes off the top rope with a dropkick. He comes in twice with running forearms. The third time, McMassive gives him Snake Eyes and a big boot. McMassive can’t get a pin. Forearms are thrown by both competitors. Silver Ant ducks one, kicks McMassive in the leg, then in the side of the head. He spins out McMassive into a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Silver Ant throws some kicks before trying a clothesline. McMassive counters with a Black Hole Slam. Silver Ant turns his pin attempt into a crucifix pin. McMassive kicks out and mows Silver Ant down with a clothesline. McMassive looks for a superplex. Silver Ant headbutts McMassive back to the apron. The frogsplash earns him a two count, so he looks for a cross armbreaker. McMassive muscles Silver Ant up into a powerbomb to free himself. However, Silver Ant reapplies the hold shortly after. McMassive passes out at 9:53. This was a fight, and a really fun one at that. These two beat the living heck out of one another from start to finish, giving you something you don’t typically see in a CHIKARA ring these days. More, please. ***¼

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