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June 13, 2015 / Kevin Ford

N_R_G vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado & Praskash Sabar from CHIKARA Sword of Destiny 2015

Post by Kevin Ford:

Orange Cassidy and a female fan are having a candlelit dinner ringside as she won a Dating Game right before the contest. Cassidy defeated The Proletariat Boar of Moldova and Oleg the Usurper for the honor. Rockwell is too big for Sabar to do anything in a waistlock. They exchange headlocks. Rockwell shoots off Sabar and resists Sabar shoulder blocks. Coronado knees Rockwell from the apron, allowing Sabar to land some kicks to the back. He lands a springboard bulldog. Coronado puts on a Camel Clutch. Rockwell drives him back first to the corner. Jaxon tags in and assists Rockwell with a double hip toss and double elbow drop. Sabar tags in and is immediately taken over with a Frankensteiner from Jaxon. Sabar stops an Irish whip and throws some kicks. Jaxon takes tandem boots from the United Nations. Rockwell hip tosses both Coronado and Sabar multiple times. Jaxon hops off of Rockwell’s back for a crossbody onto the United Nations outside the ring. In the ring, Jaxon dropkicks Sabar in the corner. Rockwell clotheslines both Coronado and Sabar in the corners until he is stopped by a drop toe hold from Coronado. Coronado knocks Jaxon off the apron so that he and Sabar can work over Rockwell in their corner. During this, Coronado stops Sabar from going for the Bronco Buster on a few occasions, nothing that it has never worked before. Despite Coronado’s insistence, Sabar goes for the Bronco Buster. Rockwell catches him with a big spinebuster. Coronado misses an elbow drop. Jaxon makes the tag. He high crossbody’s onto the United Nations, gives them both a through the ropes clothesline, then comes off the top with dropkicks to both. The UN look for a tandem suplex. Rockwell saves Jaxon, leading to stereo running shoulder tackles from N_R_G. Coronado gives Jaxon a chinbreaker before looking for the Tiger Driver. Jaxon maneuvers out and superkicks Coronado to the floor. N_R_G give Sabar a Complete Shot/wheelbarrow combo. Jaxon superkicks Sabar into Rockwell’s Hyperwheel for the pin at 8:33. This was designed to show how competent N_R_G could be as a team with Rockwell at full attention. To that degree it was a success. Jaxon’s comeback is really fun to watch and both Sabar and Coronado have improved. **½

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