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June 13, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Icarus & Heidi Lovelace vs. Kevin Condron & Lucas Calhoun from CHIKARA Sword of Destiny 2015

Post by Kevin Ford:

The Lithuanian Snow Troll is in Condron and Calhoun’s corner. ‘Mr. Touchdown’ Mark Angelosetti is in Icarus and Lovelace’s corner. Condron is angered by Icarus calling him snowflake. Icarus and Calhoun avoid each others’ initial offense. Icarus takes Calhoun down with a flying clothesline. Icarus and Lovelace double back elbow Calhoun. Calhoun does a little swing dancing with Lovelace. Condron tells Calhoun that the lady’s are “his thing” and dismisses him to the apron. He tries using some charm, but Lovelace lights him up with forearm strikes. She ducks a boot and cracks him in the face with a knee strike before giving him a FameAsser. Condron kicks her leg out. He drives his forearm into Lovelace’s upper back and neck. He gives her a side slam, then takes Calhoun’s assistance in isolating her in the corner. Lovelace counters a Bionic Elbow from Condron with a backslide, then enzuigiri’s Condron after he kicks out. Icarus tags in. He rolls Calhoun up. He and Lovelace give him F.I.S.T. kicks. He sets up Calhoun on the top rope so that she can bring him down with a Frankensteiner. Icarus then lands a running knee strike. Condron breaks the pin and pounds on Icarus’ back with double axe handles. Calhoun strings a running forearm and enzuigiri together on Icarus in the corner. Condron brings him out with a backpack stunner for two. He slaps Lovelace in the face, baiting her into a low bridge to the floor. Icarus drops him with a Shiranui. He hits the Bionic Elbow and sets him up for the Wings of Icarus. The Troll grabs Icarus’ legs to stop him. This allows Condron to escape, and he rolls up Icarus and grabs his tights to get the pin at 10:27. This told a good story and accomplished two goals in a short time: escalating Condron’s issue with Dasher’s Dugout, and showing how formidable him and Calhoun have become as a team. I’m curious to see what will come of Condron and his misfits. **¾

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