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June 13, 2015 / TJ Hawke

Crown & Court [Jervis Cottonbelly & Los Ice Creams (El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.)] vs. The United Nations [Juan Francisco de Coronado & The Bloc Party (The Proletariat Boar of Moldova & Prakash Sabar)] from Chikara 2015

Post by TJ Hawke:

Kevin Ford called this “ostensibly a post-show dark match.” The crowd seemed so energized when I turned on the video that I decided to take a chance on it. This “impromptu” encore match does not have much substance, but it’s heavy on gags and fun. One of the most depressing aspects of Chikara since its return in 2014 is just how little fun there is to be had on their shows. So much of the product has felt perfunctory with many of the crowds responding to it as if they are surprised they are at a show.

While this match would not make any lost Chikara fans return to watch the company (including myself), I could not help but feel relieved that Chikara still knows how to occasionally connect with their audience. You know if Los Ice Creams are over, the show was probably pretty good. Chikara fans will enjoy this match. [Finish: Jervis tapped out Prakash with an ankle lock.] (**3/4)

You can read Kevin Ford’s review here.



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