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June 4, 2015 / Terrance Smith

Yuji Okabayashi vs. Suguru Miyatake from DDT 2015

Post by Terrance Smith:

Pre-Match Thoughts:

From what I have seen from DDT, they have been on fire this year, with multiple fantastic main events from wrestlers like HARASHIMA, Kota Ibushi, KUDO, and many more. This will probably be nothing like that, since this is in DNA. DNA is essentially DDT’s NXT if NXT was actually comprised of rookies just out of wrestling school. The rookies here have put out some stellar matches in the past year or so, and have shown a lot of potential for their experience level. Suguru Miyatake was in one of DNA’s best matches so far, facing off with Kazusada Higuchi in a match that was reviewed for this site a while back. With all that said, here comes Yuji Okabayashi, who is one of the biggest, stiffest wrestlers in Japan. He has been wrestling for 7 years and won the BJW World Strong Heavyweight Championship from Daisuke Sekimoto earlier this year. To say this is a mismatch is an understatement. Okabayashi is one of the best in Japan and Miyatake has been wrestling for under one year. I expect a stiff beating from Okabayashi, who is here to teach the young lion a lesson. One thing I know for certain is this is going to be fun.

Match Review:

            For Miyatake being a rookie who has wrestled for less than a year, he got a shocking amount of offense. Not only did he begin the match by attacking Okabayashi before the bell and hitting him with a rolling senton off the apron, he also had a long period of control and a plethora of hope spots. While is was always clear Okabayashi was winning, this match was set up perfectly to plant a little seed of doubt in your minds. Maybe Miyatake could pull it off? Not only was the structure very well done, but all of the offense looked at worst decent and at best awesome. Some of the chops and forearms in this match were absolutely stellar, and everything was done with some intensity. Miyatake was especially intense, as he tried to chop down the big OAKabayashi tree with chops, even though they had little effect. Everything Okabayashi did, however, was very impactful and Miyatake sold it like death. Okabayashi could not be stopped, and even though Miyatake threw everything he had at Okabayashi, he came up short. This match was very, very fun, had a great story, and made a rookie look like a star. Even if you havn’t watched a puro match in your life, watch this, because it is that solid.

Rating: ***¼

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