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June 4, 2015 / Terrance Smith

Kota Umeda vs. Ryota Nakatsu from DDT 2015

Post by Terrance Smith:

Pre-Match Thoughts:

There isn’t too much to preview here, especially since these are two relatively unknown rookies. In case you don’t know, DNA is essentially the NXT of DDT if NXT actually had rookies. Most wrestlers on a DNA card have been out of wrestling school for a year or under, but, even with the lack of experience, most are exceptionally talent. While this runs the risk of being sloppy and basic, since these are two rookies, I hope this matches the quality of some of DNA’s best.

Match Review:

This match started off a tad weak, but as it went on it kept getting better and better. I will not lie, there are some issues here that need adressing, but for two rookies this was exceptional. The earlygoing was a bit weak, with the matwork being solid, yet totally generic and forgettable. Then, to add on to rather forgettable work, Nakatsu started working over the arm, which was again unmemorable. As the arm work continued, I was ready to give up on the match. While it was far from bad, neither guy was putting in the quality of work I wanted or needed. However, once the armwork ended, the effort picked up immensly, and the quality followed. As the comback began, Umeda was rather hit or miss for me. Some of his moves, especially springboards, were fun, but his forearms looked weak and poor. Nakatsu, on the other hand, was very solid, even if he wasn’t as flashy as his opponent. As the fast paced action continued, however, the quality of the work picked up immensly. Umeda, while still struggling with forearms, has some killer kicks and high flying moves, all while selling his arm. Nakatsu also picked it up, elevating his rock solid work even higher. The action was hard hitting and cool as hell, with some moments popping both me and the crowd. Some of the kick exchanges were ligitamately spectacular and when they started trading slaps, it was badass. Also, to both guys credit, the boring armwork from earlier payed off in multiple great moments. Umeda got to show off some good selling, while Nakatsu displayed a killer instinct. While, as rookies, not every move was hit perfectly, most were hit very well, further adding to the great action. While this match started out slow and boring, as it progressed, these guys showed why DNA is such a fun place to watch.

Rating: ***¼

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