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May 31, 2015 / Sam DiMascio

Nick Gage vs. Jaka from Beyond Wrestling 2015

Post by Sam DiMascio:

So this match is alright I guess. Not much to write home about. I mean, it is a Nick Gage match so has that going for it. Nick Gage’s return to the indies has been one of the big insertions of energy into the independents in 2015. He has an aura that almost completely separates him from the current crop of indie talent rising the ranks. Gage makes you buy into his act. He wants you to hit him and he wants to break you by the demonstration of putting his hand over your mouth before giving you the Irish whip. For a current guy let’s take Jaka since he’s right here. The fella has terrible shrieky voice while playing, well I assume he is trying to play it, a New York bad ass as part of Team Pazuzu. Either that or Jaka wants you to believe his butt that says he’s a savage. We might be further off the mark if that is the case. Nothing in this match from him really stood out sadly. All a bit bland to me though he does jump onto Nick Gage’s back at one point which popped me.

FOCUSING ON THE MATCH, it ends in a flash pin. It is short and moves at a decent pace. There’s some stuff but just not as engaging as I was hoping at times. The coolest things that happen are a chop exchange where each strike sounds like a staple gun and Nick Gage’s spinebuster towards the end. Those are the two things I will remember. Oh, and Nick “F’n” Gage is the man.

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