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May 27, 2015 / Bill Thompson

Curt Robinson & George Gatton vs. Dub Boys (Nate Carter & Dave McCall) from Combat Zone Wrestling 2015

Post by Bill Thompson

Twitter: @MOTYPod

It’s important to keep the matches coming out of Dojo Wars in context. While guys like Drew Gulak and Joe Gacy are seasoned veterans producing great stuff they are mainly surrounded by green rookies. For those green rookies, Dojo Wars serves as a place to grow and learn. That means the format will present plenty of matches that look like they belong in the training gym as opposed to a wrestling ring in front of any crowd. But Dojo Wars takes place in front of a small number of people (and is only published on YouTube), so that guys like Curt Robinson and George Gatton can work out the kinks in their respective games. Taking that into account even the sloppiest of Dojo Wars matches serves a clear purpose: to train.

The reason I wanted to provide context is because all things considered this is a pretty awful match. It’s a case of four men going for far too much that is beyond their ability in the ring at this time. When they are keeping things simple, such as when Dave McCall is lighting up Gatton with Roundhouse Kicks, the match clicks. McCall is able to lay in his Roundhouse Kicks and Gatton looks great leaning into them. It’s a very simple sequence, but it’s one where both men shine. Something such as the aforementioned sequence is simple to the extreme, but that’s where these guys need to be at this point in time.

The end run is a great example of why things need to be kept simple. But it’s also an end run that needs to happen so that Nate Carter, Robinson, McCall, and Gatton can realize where they need to improve. They blow spots left and right, including the finish where Gatton under-rotates on some sort of Canadian Destroyer variant. He under-rotates so much that McCall doesn’t even make contact with the mat. The finish is really, really bad, but hopefully it’s something that all involved will learn from moving forward.

I can see the promise in all four men involved in this match. McCall has great strikes, Gatton fits the role of the sympathetic babyface to a T, Carter can connect with the crowd easily, and Robinson shows hints of being a very good chain wrestler. In the future, these four may have a really good match in a meet-up between them. That day was not today; rather trying for too much and learning how to deal with mistakes on the fly were the order of this day. To be perfectly honest, there’s too much good wrestling in the ether for this match to be a priority for anyone. That being said, it is interesting watching four men learn on the fly.

Bill Thompson

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