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May 27, 2015 / failraiser

Conor Claxton vs. David John Willard from CZW’s Dojo Wars 29

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Recap by Alex Torres:

This is a Medal of Valor Championship match. It is 2/3 falls. Willard is vaguely DJ Hyde-shaped.

Willard and Claxton trade insults. Willard’s superior size allows him to bully Claxton, particularly once they start striking each other. Willard misses a chop, and Claxton hits an elbow off the middle rope. Willard hits a belly-to-back for a two count. Willard in control. Standing senton. Willard sends Claxton onto the top rope and spears Claxton’s prone body. A missed lariat allows Claxton to roll Willard up for two. Willard catches Claxton, but Claxton manages to fight out. Claxton can’t lift Willard.

Willard hits a swanton bomb for three. Willard scores the first fall. Claxton jumps into a spear. Two count. Claxton avoids a lariat and rolls up Willard in a crucifix for the second fall. Willard rolls over in a armor and fights his way out. Slam. Claxton fights out of Willard’s shoulders and locks in a cross armor. Willard taps.

There’s two tiers of people Dojo Wars in for. One is for the fans, and the other is for the wrestlers like Claxton. This match is much too long as a piece of entertainment, but I can understand its worth as a learning exercise. The match came off sloppy at times and often redundant, a pitfall of the length. With each bell I had hoped it would be the end of it. While there were cool spots scattered, it would have been more enjoyable to see in a tighter match. I’d skip this one.

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