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May 24, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Hallowicked vs. Ashley Remington from CHIKARA Aniversario: A New Attitude 2015

Post by Kevin Ford:

This was a match for the CHIKARA Grand Championship. Hallowicked had been champion since 4.6.2015 and this was his first defense. Remington’s Challenge of the Immortals partners, Fire Ant, Worker Ant, and Amasis accompany Remington to the ring in their fanciest duds in support of their partner. Frightmare and Blind Rage are in Hallowicked’s corner. Hallowicked brings Remington to the mat with an armbar. Remington rolls forward and armdrags out into finger gun. Hallowicked slaps him in the face. Hallowicked goes back to working on Remington’s arm. Remington shoves Hallowicked to the corner and breaks on one. Hallowicked backs Remington to the corner and breaks on four. He does it twice, and on the third time pie faces Remington. Remington breaks on one, but Hallowicked kicks him in the stomach and pounds on his back. Remington grabs a side headlock and shoulder blocks Hallowicked down. Remington wants a German suplex but instead O’Connor Rolls Hallowicked for two. Remington sweeps out his legs. Hallowicked kicks him in the head from the mat. Hallowicked wants a hip toss, Remington reverses. Remington blocks another kick from the mat and sends Hallowicked to the floor. Remington looks for the German suplex in which Hallowicked goes to the corner. Once again Remington reminds us that he breaks on one. Hallowicked pounces, but Remington throws him out of a double leg position. Hallowicked retreats and Remington invites him back into the ring. Hallowicked snaps Remington’s arm across the top rope. He drives his elbow into Remington’s arm and looks for the Fujiwara armbar. Remington gets his foot on the bottom rope to escape. Hallowicked grabs a top wrist lock on the mat. Remington ducks a clothesline and backslides Hallowicked for two. Hallowicked blocks a kick and kicks Remington in the shoulder. He repeatedly headbutts Remington’s shoulder. He slams Remington on his shoulder and climbs the ropes. Hallowicked jumps off. Remington catches him mid-air into a belly-to-belly suplex. He knocks down Hallowicked to the corner with a clothesline. A running knee strike leads to a bulldog attempt. Hallowicked resists, but Remington drops him with the Fair Winds for two. Hallowicked fights off a German suplex. Hallowicked attacks his arm. He tries Go 2 Sleepy Hollow but Remington slides off and tries a waistlock. Hallowicked escapes and hits the Rydeen Bomb for two. Remington drives Hallowicked back first into the corner and lights him up with forearms and strikes. Hallowicked kicks him away when Remington is distracted by Bryce’s count. He snapmares Remington off the top rope. Remington gets his knees up to block a Swanton and lifts up Hallowicked into a German suplex! Hallowicked kicks out. Remington charges. Hallowicked moves, causing Remington’s shoulder to ram into the turnbuckle. Hallowicked yakuza kicks him for a two count. Hallowicked throws some forearms before landing a second yakuza kick for the pin at 14:51.

Remington did an excellent job in this match. He sold his arm consistently and transitioned from being his normal, goofy self into a more serious opponent without betraying his character (i.e. still breaking on one in the corner although in the final portion of the match even though it would have been advantageous for him to put that ideal behind him.) Since Remington is very proficient in throws and suplexes, it made sense for Hallowicked to weaken his arm and it ended up playing right into the final moments of the contest. This was a strong first defense for Hallowicked and a nice one year anniversary for Remington in CHIKARA. ***½

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