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May 23, 2015 / Kevin Ford

“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti vs. Kevin Condron from CHIKARA Back to Skull 2015

Post by Kevin Ford:

Condron has a present with him wrapped in gold wrapping paper. Angelosetti immediately takes down Condron with a spinebuster. He knocks him down with a back elbow and a bodyslam. He splashes Condron a few times before dropping a knee onto his face. He brings Condron out of the corner with a one handed biel. Angelosetti goes for a shoulder tackle. Condron cuts him off with a knee strike. He ducks under a leapfrog. Angelosetti armdrags Condron and holds on, but Condron wiggles his way to the floor. On the floor, Condron sends Angelosetti face first into a ring post. He hot shots Angelosetti onto the ring apron. Condron kicks Angelosetti in the chest as Angelosetti re-enters the ring. Angelosetti aggressively drives Condron down with a spinebuster. Condron rakes Angelosetti’s eyes. He blasts him with forearms in the corner. Condron gives Angelosetti a rib breaker and a running forearm in the corner. Various offense leads to Condron grinding on Angelosetti’s ears and head with a side headlock. Angelosetti rolls up Condron for two. Condron clotheslines him down, then applies a Japanese stranglehold. Angelosetti powers out, so Condron goes behind to use the stranglehold and drive Angelosetti into the canvas. Condron perches on the top rope. Angelosetti follows him up and tosses him off. Angelosetti comes off the second rope with a shoulder tackle. He lands a dropkick and gives Condron a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Condron cuts off Angelosetti with a Slingblade variation. Angelosetti backs Condron to the corner. He shoulder tackles Condron twice. Condron avoids the third and spikes Angelosetti with a DDT for the pin at 7:59. This was perfect in it’s execution. The wrestling was captivating, Condron earned a big time win and comes off as more of a threat than he did in either of his previous singles encounters this season. It didn’t overstay it’s welcome and accomplished it’s goal. This was one of my favorite matches to watch in Season 15. ***

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