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May 20, 2015 / Sam DiMascio

Qefka The Quiet vs. Tracy Williams from CZW’s Dojo Wars 2015

Post by Sam DiMascio:

Let’s open with my thoughts on the Qefka the Quiet. Who thought this was a good idea? This is a bad Chikara gimmick. Facial expressions are a big part of pro wrestling to me. Not only can we not get those facial expressions because of his mask, we can’t even get sound from him. His body language in this match did nothing to prove that this gimmick was going to work. This match is essentially the Tracy Williams show as far as putting forth interesting things. Williams busting throwing wicked stuff to Qefka’s ribs and doing a neat rolling slam will pop me. That is only going to be so good since, even though Williams is QUITE good, he isn’t an elite talent just yet. Not his fault in the slightest. I’m not even sure if it is the wrestler playing Qefka to be fair. The fella looks like a spry cat but he’s also doing a gimmick I can’t be bothered with and trying to bust out silly stunners. There is no real sustained run of interesting stuff with no real rhythm to speak of.



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