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May 17, 2015 / barrylad

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) vs. The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) from 2CW

Match Analysis by Barry Murphy

This match had no commentary, which would be a plus on a lot of shows but I actually like 2CW’s commentary – oh well. Addiction flipped the Bucks off before the bell, and generally felt like the more natural heels. On paper it’s a bad guy vs. bad guy match but in reality the Bucks were beloved here. They brawled to the floor briefly, before returning to the ring for the opening bell. Addiction briefly took control with a good old fashioned chinlock from Daniels, but the Bucks quickly fired back. They hit tandem suicide dives on Kazarian and Daniels. Nick attempted a dive on Daniels who Matt held prone on the second rope, but Kazarian made the save. Daniels hit a nice springboard moonsault to the floor, with his SHINS landing right on the guardrails. File that under ‘Spots I Wouldn’t Take For A Million Dollars.’ Also ‘Spots I Couldn’t Do If I Tried,’ but I digress. Thankfully, CD was okay and the former ‘Bad Influence’ began to work over the Jackson brothers. Matt was babyface in peril while Nick begged for the tag. I’m sure they still do this stuff in some parts of the US, but MAN it was weird for me seeing the Bucks playing babyface. It feels like a lifetime ago that this was just their routine. Good, simple heel work from Daniels, quickly darting across the ring to knock the fresher Buck off the apron when he nearly tagged in. Nick eventually got the tag and RAN WILD! Really fun hot tag, including his facebuster, apron-moonsault combo. A frog splash on Daniels gets a two count. Kazarian ran in and they hit a hip-toss into a backdrop/neckbreaker combo for two, and to regain the momentum of the match. Daniels hit a tope on Matt and they proceeded to keep working on Nick. At this stage a lot of moves started happening! Northern lights/prawn hold pin combo from Kazarian. Swanton Bomb from Nick! A teased BIG DAVID MELTY DRIVER is foiled! Ace crusher from Kaz! Powerbomb/Enziguri combo in the corner from the Bucks! We got our first superkick! All four men were laid out and the crowd chanted 2CW! The Superkicks came thick and fast and the Bucks teased More Bang for Your Buck. Daniels blocks and attempts the BME but he eats Matt’s foot. Tandem tombstone on Daniels from the Bucks gets a nearfall but Kaz saves. Kaz is knocked to the floor and Nick hits a big tornado DDT off the apron. More Bang for Your Buck on Daniels! The Bucks win!


This was a super fun match. The heat segment was well done but not overdrawn. Taking into account that the video provided includes full entrances – this match felt like a tight 16 minute affair, roughly. It built well, and of course the action was super crisp. It felt a bit like the greatest hits of both teams to a certain extent but that’s hardly a knock. I’m not usually a star rating guy, but this was probably close enough to four to smell what it had for breakfast, but not quite there.

***3/4 (and an extra 1/4 and call it four if you want, readers. I wont fight you over it.)


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