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May 16, 2015 / Sam DiMascio

PJ Black vs. Chris Hero from Empire State Wrestling 2015

Post by Sam DiMascio:

First ever meeting between the two. This came across as the Diet Coke version of Hero’s match with Styles in my mind. Less calories but also admittedly less tasteful. But it will totally do in a pinch. Sometimes I even prefer it. Though I don’t like Coke so lets go with Diet Mountain Dew as I am a true American. Chris Hero his more strike heavy approach to this match and he just looks like he’s trying to take Black’s head off with every strike. Hero has simply been on fire this year. Continually bringing it no matter the promotion. PJ Black is probably more fun to watch than great. Give him 10-15 minutes, that Superstars time and he’ll bring joy to your face and he does that here taking all of Hero’s stiff stuff. Even opens the match well with the chain grapplin’. Black played the spry man to Hero’s bully with offense on the flashier side. Maybe not the greatest working underneath but he’ll do a corkscrew plancha thing and then we’re cool.Will always pop for his top rope Lionsault or whatever it is called.

Would not call this a sprint but there was little dead air to speak of. Granted you might have seen this type of Hero match before. But I’ll pop for it every time. QUALITY GRAPPLING THAT IS WORTH WATCHING!

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