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May 3, 2015 / Case Lowe

Matt Sydal vs. Will Ospreay from Revolution Pro 2015

Post by Case Lowe:

There’s a part of me that feels Matt Sydal is the best North American wrestler in the world as of now. He’s consistently putting on ***1/2-**** matches with an occasional ****1/2 classic. He’s like Susumu Yokosuka of Dragon Gate. [Editor’s Note: Comparing Sydal to Yokosuka? Wow, heavy shot at Matt Sydal. Hope he deserved it.] Always good, can achieve greatness on occasion. Sydal has a shot to prove my point as he takes on one of the UK’s finest wrestlers in Will Ospreay. I’ve heard amazing things about the high-flyer but have yet to seek him out. This should be a treat~!

Early matwork was strong. Ospreay held his own with Sydal, who has done a great job recently of having some engaging basic grappling in the early parts of his matches. The announcers debate on what exactly Sydal’s game plan is. One of them brings up the fact that Sydal is of an older generation of fliers and Ospreay is the new kid on the block, so Sydal might not take it to the air as much. I like that! Sydal snaps off a Hurricanrana but Ospreay lands on his feet and it looked RAD. So far, Ospreay has been very impressive.

Sydal gets back on the offensive with a sweet cartwheel into a dropkick. The match, up to this point, was odd. Their matwork was engaging, but Ospreay’s offense and subsequent heat segment were lame. Nothing too them. No juice, really. Sydal making a quick comeback was nice. His offense, as always, was quick and crisp. Ospreay, after taking a barrage of work to the leg, is able to fight back. He throws everything he has at Sydal while basically on one leg. Well, everything except for the Shooting Star Press, which Sydal was able to counter. What took place after was masterful. Sydal, beaten down, unleashes a quick flurry of offense, ending with his signature Shooting Star. This small comeback by Sydal was just awesome. It made me feel like Sydal had an urgency to win, which I loved. He hits the Shooting Star, only for Ospreay to roll him up and get the three. That bloody bastard!

There’s some good and bad that came with this. Sydal had another incredible performance. Great facial expressions, great offense, and some good selling. I used the Yokosuka comparison earlier and I’m going to use it again. There’s nothing that Sydal is bad at, but there are some things he is great at. His last string of offense falls under the great category. After seeing Ospreay for the first time, I can see why he gets talked about so much. He has a great array of offensive moves. His springboard sunset flip powerbomb from the corner was hit about as perfectly as you could hit that. The leg work that he was put through wasn’t exactly ignored, but it never had any true impact. I don’t mind that, even though I thought Ospreay hitting the Roderick Strong-like Gutbuster moments after getting his knee worker over was silly. Other than that, I liked the way he handled himself. He never had that spot that focused on his injured leg, but it changed the way he moved around the ring. I’d rather have that then one big spot like him falling down while trying to run from corner-to-corner, only for the selling to be completely ignored later on. Good match!

Rating: ***3/4

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