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May 2, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Amasis vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado from CHIKARA Spring Breakout 2015

Post by Kevin Ford:

Coronado continuously bails to the floor when Amasis teases going after his hair. Each of them snap off an armdrag. Amasis sunset flips Coronado for two. Coronado counters into a jackknife pin. Amasis wants a backslide but Coronado muscles him over. Amasis dropkicks him to the floor and pescado’s after him. Amasis wants a German suplex. Coronado grabs Bryce in a waistlock. Amasis breaks free. He goes to attack Coronado but Coronado puts Bryce in his trajectory. This allows Coronado to take over with a dropkick. He bodyslams Amasis for a one count. A second bodyslam has the same result. He chokes Amasis on the second rope. Coronado drives him back first to the corner. Amasis enzuigiri’s Coronado when Coronado comes running. Amasis scores with two clotheslines and a dropkick. Coronado looks for the Tiger Driver. Amasis turns it into a Frankensteiner. He slingshots in from the apron with a crossbody for two. Coronado blocks Amasis’ backslide attempt and hits the Tiger Driver for two. After a standing switch, Coronado tries a German suplex. Amasis lands on his knees. He blasts Coronado in the face with a knee and lands a rolling forearm strike. Coronado gets his foot on the bottom rope to stop the count. Coronado grabs the United Nations flag and pulls off the bottom part of it. Behind Bryce’s back, he jabs Amasis in the throat with it. He German suplexes Amasis for the pin at 7:54.

But wait! The fans inform Bryce about Coronado’s dishonest win. Bryce finds the part of the flag in Coronado’s boot and re-starts the match as a result. Coronado throws a temper tantrum and goes after one of the fans. His father steps up to him, and Amasis grabs Coronado so the man can mess up Coronado’s hair! Amasis cracks him with a tornado enzuigiri for the pin at 0:44. This was played off very well and the crowd LOVED the re-start. Amasis and Coronado had a solid back and forth match as well, making for a good overall package. **¾

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