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April 26, 2015 / Case Lowe

Tracy Williams vs. Conor Claxton from Beyond Wrestling 2015

Post by Case Lowe:

Here we have a nice little grappling bout from Beyond Wrestling. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams not only has the best nickname in wrestling, he’s quite good at what he does. I’ve heard Conor Claxton’s name a lot recently, but this was my first time seeing him in action. Boy, he did not disappoint!

This match was really unique. The first two minutes felt very, well, “real”. It is #ShootWeek so I guess that would make sense. Both guys were throwing wild strikes and really trying to get the better of each other when it came to grappling. They were able to slow it down and keep my interest, as both guys showed off their unique offense. Claxton has some wild kicks that I absolutely love. Hot Sauce is just fun to watch. He’s so young and is so close to being so great. Claxton is well on his way to being on that same level. The closing stretch is odd. Claxton heads up top and goes for a leg drop. It sort of feels out of place in this match with the amount of strikes and matwork they had done up to that point, but I like it. It shows that you can have a realistic match and still incorporate pro wrestling moves. Claxton missed, which led to Hot Sauce grabbing him and spking him down with a nasty Piledriver for the three count.

Both guys looked awesome. Claxton clearly gets his fix of shoot-style on YouTube because he looks like he’d fit right in with the RINGS promotion. Hot Sauce continues to be awesome and I hope a lot more of him pops up this year. Recently EVOLVE Wrestling has shifted their focus towards a more realistic approach that involves a lot of matwork and grappling. A majority of their fans have really gotten into that, but for those that haven’t, this match would be a good one to check out. Lots of strikes, crisp grappling, and the occasion spot that reminds you that you’re watching pro wrestling. For those that like what the Timothy Thatcher’s and Drew Gulak’s of the world have been doing, I’m sure you’ll love this also.


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