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April 26, 2015 / TJ Hawke

Gran Akuma vs. Dave Cole vs. Buxx Belmar vs. Fluffy from Beyond Wrestling 2015

This was for the ISW Other Championship.

Post by TJ Hawke:

I think I saw the last ISW Other Championship match at 3D 2013. It was a weird match on a great show. Anyway, Frankie Arion stopped wrestling shortly after that, and the title had been forgotten ever since. ISW has three other titles though so it did not really matter. Anyway, it seems like ISW finally decided to bring the title back, and they did a four-way at a Beyond Wrestling show to decide the title.

The match features Gran Akuma and Dave Cole (whom I like a fair bit), Fluffy (whom I have no opinion on), and Buxx Belmar (whom I’ve grown very tired of in the last three years). Fittingly, my opinion on the match was that I would have preferred to just see a match between Cole and Akuma. They did not quite pack in enough action to justify making this a four-way. It was watchable though. I’m not sure why ISW is so behind Fluffy at the moment but he seems to be winning a lot on recent shows. He won after an Earthquake Splash on Akuma. ISW now has more champions than average number of shows a year! (**1/4)


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