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April 19, 2015 / JP

AJ Styles vs. Sonjay Dutt from AML 2015

Post by JP Nichols:

These two have never had a match together despite the fact that both of them were in the same company together for six years and even at times in the same division. It’s the kind of match that would be a decorated match in a better time for TNA in that Sonjay Dutt was consistently called the best wrestler to never win the X-Division Championship taking on someone who can be called one of pioneers of the X-Division.

The crowd is very electric for AJ from the start. They tie up and have a fast paced exchange going for position. AJ gets Dutt in the corner and the ref separates them. Tie up again and Dutt gets AJ’s left arm. AJ spins out and gets wrist control. Dutt steps over and gets AJ down into a Fujiwara Armbar. He tries to roll AJ over, and brings AJ to his feet. Dutt sends AJ to the ropes. AJ grabs him and immediately sends Dutt. Dutt flies over AJ and takes him down with a headlock takeover. AJ gets to his feet and sends Dutt to the ropes. Dutt flies over AJ and grabs his arm. Dutt springs to the ropes and takes down AJ with a fast series of arm drags. They continue through the feeling out process as AJ gets Dutt in the corner. AJ cravats Dutt and snapmares him, Dutt lands on his feet and goes to the ropes for a snap hurricanrana for a quick 1 count.

Dutt chops AJ in the corner and throws some quick jabs. He cravats AJ and throws some quick knees and rakes his boots across AJ’s face. AJ hits a chop, and they exchange forearms. AJ sends Dutt to the corner. Dutt tries to go off the ropes, but AJ halts. AJ attempts a German Suplex, but Dutt lands on his feet and scores a step up enzugiri. Snapmare for two and Dutt goes back to the left arm of Styles. Dutt wrenches it and throws a couple punches. Dutt locks in an Octopus Stretch, now stretching out AJ’s right arm/shoulder. Dutt rolls him up for a 2 count. AJ throws some jabs; Dutt gets a knee. He attempts an Asai DDT set up, but AJ shoves him into the ropes and hits the dropkick to lay out Dutt. AJ puts Dutt in the corner and throws forearms to Dutt’s back. He sends Dutt to the other corner hard, and AJ now has the upper hand. He kicks Dutt twice, but Dutt blocks a third. He goes to the ropes, but AJ cuts him off with a back elbow. He drops a knee on Dutt.

AJ grounds Dutt and goes to drive the knee into Dutt’s back and wrenches on the neck. AJ clubs Dutt’s back. Dutt tries to fight back and gets a single leg pick up. AJ from a lying position snaps off a hurricanrana on Dutt. AJ hits a backbreaker across the knee on Dutt for a two count. Dutt throws some punches and chops at AJ. AJ fires back with some of his own. Dutt sends AJ to the apron. AJ goes for the Flying Forearm but Dutt trips him on the ropes and AJ goes to the floor. Dutt vaults over the top with a slingshot plancha to AJ as the match goes to commercial break.

Not a second of action is missed, and they get back in the ring. Dutt charges at AJ in the corner, AJ sidesteps. AJ charges and Dutt catches the Bombay Boom. Dutt gets a slingshot legdrop on AJ across the middle rope. Dutt comes off the top with a Squirrel Dive Splash for a 2 count. Dutt sets AJ up for a suplex but AJ sends him across for the Suplex into the Reverse Neckbreaker. AJ brings Dutt to his feet and goes for a facebuster attempt but Dutt rolls him up for two. AJ scores a striking combination. Dutt goes to the ropes and gets a Déjà vu~! He goes for a kick, AJ ducks, and Dutt scores a standing moonsault for two. The crowd chants “this is awesome.” Dutt runs the ropes for a Tornado DDT, but AJ blocks it and Suplexes Dutt right into the turnbuckle. AJ gets Dutt up for Bloody Sunday. Dutt gets out and goes for a clothesline. AJ ducks and scores the pele and follows up with the Bloody Sunday. AJ sets Dutt up for the clash but Dutt counters into a snap hurricanarana for another two count. Dutt staggers to his feet holding his neck. He puts AJ on the top rope and chops AJ. Dutt goes to the top rope and goes for a frankensteiner but AJ blocks it. He goes for an Avalanche Styles Clash. Dutt blocks it and tries to get a Frankensteiner. AJ rolls through holding on and gets Dutt up for the Styles Clash. He rolls Dutt over for three and AJ wins in about 17 minutes.

AJ is interviewed after the match. AJ commends the AML crowd and says he loves getting to wrestle down in the South. He loves that the people respect and love what they see in the ring. AJ says he cannot leave without saying that Sonjay Dutt is one of the best wrestlers in the world, for him to not be on TV is a travesty, and thanks Sonjay for the match.

A good match between two very talented and well-traveled wrestlers. They worked the match very smartly early before going into the bag of tricks late in the match. I actually would not have minded to see more from these two. It’s shocking that they were in TNA together for so long and the first time they got to wrestle was only within the last couple months. I would recommend watching it, especially if you are a fan of both of the talents involved.


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