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April 18, 2015 / themosayat

Davey Vega vs. Jonathan Gresham from St. Louis Anarchy 2015

Recap from Wrestling Addict:

I’ve never seen Gresham before, but I like Davey Vega. Hoping for a good match.

They took a full minute to make the first contact. The announcers kept emphasizing how dangerous this match is for Vega with him having a leg injure. Vega got a little offense in before Gresham hit him in the leg. Vega kept trying coming back and enduring the pain in his leg in order to maintain control. Gresham kept acting weird, too, and all that kinda got the match slow in some parts. About mid-match point, they took a nasty spill to the outside when Vega suplexed Gresham over the top rope and fell along with him. After they got back into the ring, the match became a striking contest between the two. Gresham hit Vega between the legs, delivered a reverse-rana on him and lifted him in a michinoku driver, but he only got 2. ACH, Vega’s roommate, came out to support Vega. (It was more like he came to distract Gresham though.) Gresham spit mist in Vega’s eye, causing him to hit the referee by mistake. (All the referee stuff in this match got really annoying by now.) Gresham then jumped off the second rope with a moonsault to outside of the ring on Vega. ACH tried diving on Gresham, only to get mist in his eyes too. Vega came after him out of nowhere to dive onto Gresham. ACH superkicks Gresham, and Vega powerbombs him, (making me super confused about why the good guys are also cheating,) but it only got 2. The final sequence of the match FINALLY got it a little quick and exciting, ending with Vega winning with a brainbuster on the knee.

Really, up until the last minute of the match, it was mostly slow, confusing or irritating. There were a couple good strikes and a few impressive moves here and there, but all the bullshit wrestling tropes around it kept getting in its way. The final minute took the match from barely good to pretty good for sure.

Match Rating: **3/4

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