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April 6, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Oleg the Usurper vs. Silver Ant from CHIKARA Afternoon Delight

Post by Kevin Ford:

Eddie Kingston was originally scheduled for this bout. Silver Ant takes his place. Silver Ant cleanly breaks a lock-up in the corner. Oleg does the same, although he considers a cheap punch. Silver Ant grabs a cravate, switching into a hammerlock. Oleg reverses. Silver Ant gets the ropes. Oleg charges and Silver Ant takes him down with a side headlock. He snapmares Oleg into a back kick. Silver Ant kicks Oleg in the leg, but Oleg whips him to the corner. Silver Ant kicks Oleg to block a charge. Oleg pulls him down, and Silver Ant counters mid-air into a DDT for two. He lands a quick boot to the side of Oleg’s head. He doesn’t even get a one count with a somersault senton. Silver Ant lands an enzuigiri for a one count. They trade slaps to the face. Oleg sends Silver Ant to the apron. Silver Ant drapes Oleg’s arm across the top rope. He double springboards in with a somersault senton to Oleg’s back. He baseball slide dropkicks and bicycle kicks Oleg outside. Silver Ant goes for a suicide dive but Oleg cuts him off with a strike. In the ring, Oleg picks up momentum off the ropes before splashing Silver Ant in the corner. He lands his own somersault senton for two. Silver Ant fights out of Oleg’s grasp. Oleg throws Silver Ant’s body into the top and middle rope, causing him to crash against the mat. Silver Ant throws some kicks from the mat, so Oleg digs his boot into Silver Ant’s chest. He violently whips Silver Ant to the corner. Oleg pummels Silver Ant with his forearms while Silver Ant tries to cover up. Silver Ant reverses and throws his own forearms, as well as a flurry of chops. Oleg goozles Silver Ant. Silver Ant breaks the grasp and delivers an enzuigiri from the mat. He catches Oleg in the corner with a tiger feint kick and comes off the top with a dropkick to the chest. He comes in with a couple forearms. Oleg splashes him in the corner. Oleg tries a clothesline. Silver Ant ducks it and delivers his own. He locks on the Cloverleaf. Oleg escapes and superkicks Silver Ant for two. He ascends the ropes. Silver Ant kicks his legs out, crotching Oleg on the top rope. He brings down Oleg with a belly-to-back superplex. Oleg kicks out! Silver Ant wastes no time going back to the top rope. Oleg follows. Silver Ant forearms him back down. Oleg gets his knees up to block the frogsplash. Oleg hits Off With His Head for the upset victory at 12:05. I really enjoyed the “Tale of two Oleg’s” they were telling at this time, in which Oleg was successful in singles competition, but not so successful as part of a team, especially when badgered by Sidney Bakabella. It allows Oleg to show his worth and to prove that he’s not solely to blame in those team losses. It was cool to see him hang with Silver Ant, who has become one of the best talents on the roster over time. This was a very good exhibition. ***

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