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April 5, 2015 / Kevin Ford

The Devastation Corporation vs. N_R_G from CHIKARA Pier Pressure 2015

Post by Kevin Ford:

This was match was for CHIKARA’s Campeonatos de Parejas. The Devastation Corporation had been champions since 12.6.2014 and this was their second defense.

McMassive overpowers Jaxon in a lock-up. Jaxon breaks out of a side headlock and grabs onto one of his own. He grabs a wristlock when he notices Rockwell is dozing. Rockwell awakens and tags in. He gives McMassive’s extended arm a double axe handle. Smashmaster tags in. He stalls due to his disapproval of the crowd’s response to him. He grabs the ropes when Rockwell grabs a waistlock. Smashmaster backs Rockwell to the corner and slaps him in the face. Fired up, Rockwell unloads with chops and punches, so much so that he ends up tiring himself out. Smashmaster charges but Rockwell gives him backdrop. McMassive and Jaxon enter. N_R_G send the Dev Corp to the floor. Rockwell lands a somersault senton off of the apron. Jaxon channels Koko B Ware before he crossbody’s onto the Dev Corp from the top turnbuckle. McMassive crotches Jaxon on the top turnbuckle from the floor as Jaxon ascends the ropes. Smashmaster gives him a suplex for a two count. The champions take turns bullying Jaxon. Jaxon fights McMassive off of the ropes. McMassive accidentally collides with Smashmaster, giving Jaxon the opening to tag in Rockwell. Rockwell comes in with a flying clothesline and a rolling forearm to Smashmaster. He clotheslines McMassive and Smashmaster in opposite corners. The Dev Corp try a double splash but collide once more. Jaxon moonsault blocks onto the both of them for a two count. Jaxon superkicks McMassive twice, but manages to kick out of the pin attempt. He superkicks McMassive into Rockwell’s Hyperwheel. Smashmaster breaks the pin just in time. He shoves Rockwell out and powerbombs Jaxon. The Dev Corp put down Jaxon with the Death Blow for the first fall in 13:36. With Jaxon down, Rockwell fights off both Smashmaster and McMassive on his own. He drops Smashmaster with a big spinebuster. He spins McMassive into a powerslam for two. He climbs the ropes, but Smashmaster shoves him off. McMassive picks him up and he falls to the Death Blow in 14:54, picking up the second and deciding fall for the Champions.

Having N_R_G look strong but ultimately lose in two straight, quick falls made sense. We didn’t know it at the time, but it was also a nice set-up for the rematch in September. Both teams looked good and they packed a succinct story into a short period, making for an enjoyable defense and one that would ultimately raise N_R_G’s profile. ***

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