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April 2, 2015 / petersmu2014

Suguru Miyatake vs. Kazusada Higuchi from DDT 2015

Post by Murray Peterson:

For the uninitiated DNA is the developmental territory of DDT. DDT has been on the rise, and the young crop of students that they are raising are also quite talented. I highly recommend watching all of the DNA matches, as it is quite enjoyable to watch these wrestlers grow show to show. Higuchi has been a personal favorite of mine, and Higuchi and Miyatake main evented the last DNA show as well.

The bell rings and we have ourselves a good ole stare-down. There is some real emotion coming through these two as they lock up for the first time. Miyatake starts a chopping contest, but Higuchi’s chops are stiff and he comes out on the losing end. Miyatake tries to hit a shoulder tackle but ends up on the end of Higuchi’s brunt force and is sent rolling out of the ring. So far Miyatake’s attempts to out match Higuchi’s strength have failed. Miyatake attempts a few different comebacks but is cut off by Higuchi’s raw power. Big boy splash by Higuchi only gets a two count. Higuchi tosses Miyatake from one side of the ring to the other, and the slaps on a iron claw submission. Miyatake gets tired of getting his chest sawed raw by Higuchi and counters with a flying back elbow for the ages, seriously this kid catches some air. Samoan drop from Miyatake and bicycle kick for two. Sit out spinebuster and Miyatake rolls Higuchi into a half-crab. Higuchi ends up in a sleeper, and is fading, but makes it to the ropes. Higuchi makes his comeback hitting a Oklahoma Stampede! Both guys end up on the outside and we are back into the chops. Both guys chests are shining crimson. Big spear on the outside by Miyatake! As soon as Higuchi rolls back into the ring, Miyatake nails frog splash, but only for two. Miyatake attempts a second spear but is countered. Arm drag out of a Canadian backbreaker by Miyatake, and another spear! Higuchi rallies and nails a big boot, but can’t cover. Miyatake and Higuchi take each other out with lariats. Miyatake comes out on the winning side of another round of chops, but Higuchi hits a second stampede. Sunset flip from Miyatake only gets two, fireman’s gourdbuster only warrants a two count as well. Higuchi rips Miyatake’s head off with a lariat, gets into a three point stance a blasts Miyatake with a shoulder block. The wildest chokebomb you’ll ever see can’t even put Miyatake away, as he kicks out with authority. Higuchi gets Miyatake into the Canadian backbreaker position and hits his chokeslam variation for three.

The emotion that bled out of there two throughout the match was amazing. There was a serious grudge match feeling, and they hit each other like it meant something. Both Miyatake and Higuchi have learned early how to exude character while they wrestle, which is fantastic. While I haven’t always been a Miyatake fan, he really won me over and Higuchi was his typical awesome self. Both wrestlers hit their moves with authority and gave everything meaning. I can’t recommend this match enough.


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