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March 14, 2015 / themosayat

Trevor Lee vs. John Skyler from CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling (3/14/15)

Recap from Wrestling Addict:

I haven’t watched John Skyler before, but I like Trevor Lee. This might be the first time I watch CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling as well. Hoping for an impressive match.

The bell rings, Skyler charges at Trevor and Trevor starts immediately with his jumping stomp! Skyler tries again, and Trevor headscissors him. Skyler goes outside. Trevor is standing on the apron, ready to run and kick Skyler in the face, but Skyler catches his leg and flips Trevor on his face on the apron. He then delivers a backdrop to Trevor on the apron. He follows it with a slow back rake. Skyler slows the match down after that. Trevor stops Skyler running at him with a stiff forearm. He goes for a deadlift German, but Skyler counters and hits Trevor with a tornado ddt off the ropes. A few moments later, Trevor tries gaining back momentum with a ~beauuutiful~ dropkick. Trevor finally gets back in control after kneeing Skyler in the face hard. Skyler rolls out of the ring to run away, and Trevor just suicide dives into him. He gets him back in the ring, climbs the ropes, goes for the top rope stomp but Skyler dodges and superkicks Trevor. Trevor gets back control after delivering a roundhouse kick and deadlifts Skyler with a German suplex. He positions Skyler on the top rope and goes for a super-hurricanarana, but Skyler holds put and catches him on his back, then delivers a rolling fireman carry slam off the second rope. 1.. 2.. NO! Trevor kicks out, and Skylar can’t believe it. Skylar bicycle kicks him, and then goes for the tornado ddt off the ropes again, but Trevor holds him in the air mid-move and turns it into an orange crusher! 1.. 2.. AND 3! Trevor Lee scores the pin.

Impressive match indeed! I really enjoyed it. They used their time well and gave us a pretty darn good match. Check it out.

Match Rating: **3/4

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