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March 14, 2015 / themosayat

Trevor Lee vs. Arik Royal vs. Zane Dawson from CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling 2015

Recap from Wrestling Addict:

This match is for the PWI championship. This seems to be the second match Trevor is participating in on this show, as its on the same date as the one I reviewed just before it. This will also be my chance to watch Arik Royal and Zane Dawson for the first time. The video starts with the match immediately without the entrances or introduction.

Dawson charged at Trevor as soon as the match began, but Trevor and Arik teamed up to throw him down. Dawson eliminates Trevor from the ring, and Arik takes the chance to throw a beautiful dropkick at him. Trevor jumps with a cross body off the top rope, but Arik catches him. Arik throws Trevor with a German suplex but he lands on his feet. Dawson pops up behind him and throws him with another German, but Trevor lands on his feet again! Trevor jumps with a springboard double dropkick on both guys. He suicide dives on the first one, gets back in the ring and suicide dives again onto the second one on the other side! This kid is on fire. Two guys interfere and pound both Trevor and Arik, giving Dawson the control of the match. The match is a triple threat, so this isn’t a disqualification. But I always think it’s stupid when wrestlers use the no DQ stip to interfere once but then don’t keep on cheating all match long as if it was a handicap match. Anyway, Trevor gets rid of the interfering guy and charges at Dawson again and again with forearms in the corner. Trevor suicide dives on the first interfering guy out of nowhere, and then penalty kicks the other from the apron. He’s fighting all three men by himself. Roundhouse kick, followed by bridging German suplex, but he only gets 2. Arik gets back into the ring and headscissors Trevor eliminating him from the ring. Arik then jumps over the top rope on both guys and into the second row of the crowd! That looked nice. Back into the ring, Trevor flips Arik with his crossbody counter bomb that never fails to look good. Dawson kicks Trevor outside, and Arik takes the chance to jump at him with the sick kick. 1.. 2.. AND NO, that only gets two. That didn’t stop the adorable children in the crowd from chanting “that was three!” Arik waits for Dawson to get up, but someone pulls his leg from outside the ring distracting him and allowing Dawson to run at him with a clothesline that gets him the 3 count and the PWI title. That came out of literally nowhere, as the video still has 7 minutes in it.

The match was fine, but the interferences hurt it for me. Dawson did not impress me whatsoever, and him winning absolutely sucked the joy of the building. After the match, many wrestlers come out to challenge Dawson and his goons, but Dawson’s group gang up on everybody and hit them with chairs (that even opened one guy’s head up.) They then revealed two masked members of their gang. I did not care at all about the post-match stuff. But hey, at least the kids in the crowd were having the time of their lives getting excited for this match before it ended. That’s something.

Match Rating: **1/2

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