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March 8, 2015 / Sam DiMascio

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) vs. The Dudley Boys (Bully Ray & Devon Dudley) from 2CW 2015

Recap from Sam DiMascio:

This is the sequel to a match that happened in Syracuse, NY last year. I was there live for that one and honestly, it wasn’t that good. Something just felt off about the thing whether it be a great match between Colin Delaney and AR Fox preceding it or something else. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Any who, was still excited about this one since it was happening in my backyard of Binghamton which has notoriously energetic crowds and an enjoyment of ECW. I was there live for this and thought it was a hoot…LETS SEE HOW IT HOLDS UP!

Before the bell even rings, the Young Bucks deliver dueling dives to the Dudleys who decided to take the “walk like some bad mama jamas” approach to their entrance. It turns into a brawl around ringside real quick with Nick chucking chairs at Bully Ray. Back in the ring, Young Bucks get Devon isolated in the ring and repeatedly clothesline him in the corner. Bucks suplex Devon and do a springboard splash/standing moonsault combo. Bully comes in to try and clean house but Matt pops Nick into the air for a dropkick. Nick Jackson hits a BIG swanton onto Bully Ray. Both Jacksons do the ten punch combo in the corner but replace the finale with a superkick. Bucks go back to the well and are met with powerbombs from the Dudley Boys. Diving headbutt into Matt Jackson’s scrotum. Bully has to wait for the crowd to quiet down before telling Devon to get those tables. Young Bucks think they are going to catch the Dudleys by surprise with superkicks but they are stopped in their tracks and met with clotheslines. Bucks use their speed to get Devon and Bully to crash into each other leading to dueling 450 splashes for a nearfall.  Young Bucks nail Devon with the Indytaker but Bully yanks Nick from the pin attempt, destroying him with a boot on the outside. Bully just steps out of the way from a Matt plancha. Fans chant for the leg and Devon hits Matt with a prosthetic leg. Dudleys go for the 3D but Nick superkicks Devon. Bully clotheslines both Bucks out of their boots. Looks like Bully wants to move the table to the middle of the ring but the Young Bucks superkick the table into his face and THAT IS ALL SHE WROTE!

What a HOOT?! Was a classic? Nah, but for a sub-10 minute match it was worked at a good pace in front of hot crowd. Finish came out of nowhere but didn’t put a bad taste in my mouth like I would have thought. Not really much to write in that it was just a ton of fun but missing some “OH GOLLY GEE!” moments or some more beef to it to make it stand out from the pack. In all honesty though, this is the sort of match I could watch all day. I have a short attention span. WORK WITH ME! These teams worked with me and I can’t say enough nice things about that.

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