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March 7, 2015 / themosayat

Dave Cole & William King vs. Biff & Ted’s Excellent Podcast Adventure from Boston’s Pro Wrestling Marathon (2015)

Recap from Wrestling Addict:

I think this is my first time watching any of these guys wrestle (except for Biff, who’s in incredible shape as usual.) I’m pretty excited for it. The match has a 15-minute time limit. The announcer introduces the first team, accompanied by “The Mastermind” Marshall McNeil (who’s wearing a pretty awesome jacket, but nothing even near Bruce Tharpe), “Wild Card” Billy King (even though the video title says William King) and the “Psychedelic Warrior” Dave Cole, collectively known as “Defiant Inc.” I cannot stop freaking laughing at these nicknames. Oh my God. Marshall cuts a generic heel manager promo bullying the nice blonde lady filming the event. the crowd responds by chanting “your jacket sucks!”. And get a load of Biff and Teddy’s tag team name! “Biff & Ted’s Excellent Podcast Adventure.” This match is comedy gold already and they’re just introducing their names.

Biff and Cole start the match slowly with some wrist locks, shoulder blocks and in-ring trash talking. Teddy and William (as the announcer calls him, making me sure that’s his name thankfully) tag in. After a few strikes, Marshall distracts Ted and Ted decides to chase him around the ring for about a FULL MINUTE. That felt like forever. And it made Ted look slow not being able to chase McNeil, as well as stupid for falling for their trick. Cole tags in and goes for a suplex, but he botches it and it almost turns into a ddt. These guys aren’t giving me a good first impression. And now the crowd is chanting “you can’t wrestle” at them. Ted gets a good chop and follows it by a nice enziguri to get the chance to tag Biff in. Biff gets in and starts beating both guys up, running from corner to corner and hitting them with European uppercuts. He hits one of them with his beautiful running neckbreaker, and Ted hits the other with a superkick. Biff tags Ted, and William dumps Biff outside the ring. Cole holds Ted while William climbs the ropes and jumps with an elbow drop. Biff gets back in again and holds Cole down in a figure 4! When William tries breaking it up, Ted gets in and puts him in a figure 4 too. Marshall takes off his jacket and gets in to ruin it, but the blonde camera woman, who the commentator calls Tanya, pulls his leg and then gets in and puts him in the figure 4!! all 3 tap out at the same time and Ric Flair’s theme song starts playing. That actually happened.

This match felt like it stalled down forever, and some aspects and moments of it were kinda bad. The heel manager annoyed me all match long instead of getting me to enjoy hating him. The heat segment dragged, and Biff didn’t even get to do many cool stuff even after he got in. The finish was cheesy, but I didn’t really hate it (especially when Flair’s song hit and Biff started strutting to it!) Overall, I didn’t enjoy this match.

Match Rating: *

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