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March 7, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Chuck Taylor vs. Trevor Lee from CHIKARA Out on a Limb 2015

Post by Kevin Ford:

They begin with a wristlock exchange. Taylor puts on a hammerlock which Lee turns into a headlock. Taylor sends him off with a shoulder blocks him down. Lee trips Taylor. He flips over him, but Taylor uses the ropes to armdrag him. He grabs Lee’s leg, but Lee rolls him into a prawn hold for two. Lee sends Taylor out with a Frankensteiner. Lee tries a kick from the apron. Taylor catches his boot and drives him face first into the apron. He chokes Lee with his shin back in the ring. He whips Lee back first into the corner. Taylor slams Lee. He misses a moonsault. Lee bodyscissors him into a pin for two. Taylor overhead suplexes Lee into the corner for two. Taylor sets him up on the top turnbuckle. Lee kicks Taylor to stop his attack. He misses a top rope double stomp. Lee throws a flurry of punches. Taylor hits a sole butt kick. Lee throws some forearms. He rolls Taylor into a running chest kick for two. Taylor hits the Brodie Knee. The trade shots off of the ropes. Lee gives Taylor a chinbreaker, so Taylor double stomps the back of his head and neck for two. He calls for the Awful Waffle. Lee fights free. Taylor pummels him on the back. Lee jackknife pins him for two. He swiftly kicks Taylor in the side of the head and lands a German suplex for two. Taylor blasts Lee with a dropkick. Lee takes Sole Food. Taylor hits the ropes, but Lee catches him with a mid-air crossbody shooting star press for two! Taylor shoves Lee to the corner. Lee tries his double stomp, but Taylor counters with a powerbomb. Taylor hits the Awful Waffle for the pin at 9:44.

Incredible action from bell to bell. Taylor doesn’t often get to showcase his wrestling abilities against the caliber of somebody like Trevor Lee in CHIKARA, but when he does, he makes the most of it. Lee has become a very exciting, smooth wrestler in his own right, and this match is absolutely worth checking out. ***½

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