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March 7, 2015 / themosayat

Chris Hero vs. Colt Cabana from Boston’s Pro Wrestling Marathon – Day 2 (2015)

Recap from Wrestling Addict:

Believe it or not, this might be the first Colt Cabana match I watch in full. I’ve seen so many of his videos and followed his career since like 2010, but I’ve never really watched a full match of his. Also, Hero and Cabana have been teaming in NOAH last year, if I remember correctly. (And by the way, this match got only 60 views on youtube.) Anyway, this match has a 30-minute time limit. When the announcer said that, it got a pop from the crowd because of how the match before it on the card with a 10-minute time limit finished underwhelmingly with a draw. That made me laugh.

The match starts with a bit of goofiness. I’ve just noticed how Cabana slimmed down while Hero on the other hand has only gotten bigger. Hero lifts his hands up and they touch the roof, LOL. A little mat wrestling and shenanigans with the ref for a bit more. Then both guys did a really good exchange for a minute or so countering each others stuff beautifully. Cabana is not bad at all at that, and Hero is a master at it even though he’s more known for his strikes. Cabana gets outside the ring and plays with the commentators and the photographers a bit. They goofed off more than they wrestled in this match 6 minutes into it, but I’ve enjoyed it just fine. They almost start a striking exchange, but Hero gains back control quickly. He’s been carrying the match for a few minutes now. Hero goes for a senton, but Cabana lifts up his knees. Cabana then tries going to the top rope to splash Hero, but he can’t because the roof is too low. He goes for the second rope, but it’s still not low enough. He jumps off the first rope, and Hero tries rolling away, but Cabana stands on his feet and then jumps with a normal splash from the ground. Cabana signals for the Go To Sleep, but Hero reverses and knocks him out with a rolling elbow. Hero runs to the ropes but Cabana counters with a flying ass to the face. Cabana goes for a corner splash, but Hero counters with a bicycle kick. Cabana then hits Hero in the corner with a flying butt. Then, he pushes Hero to roll him on the ground and jumps over him while holding his ankles with his own legs, executing a pretty innovative pin that gets him the win!

This match had a mix of comedy, strikes, technical wrestling and some high flying. Two professionals doing what they’ve been doing for years, and the crowd (and I) enjoyed it for what it is. But I don’t imagine that someone with less tolerance for comedy shit in wrestling than me would enjoy this. It wasn’t the most exciting of matches nor featured interesting performers in 2015 either. It was an alright match.

Match Rating: **

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