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March 7, 2015 / Kevin Ford

Argus vs. Hallowicked from CHIKARA Out on a Limb

Post by Kevin Ford:

Hallowicked brings Argus to the mat in a front facelock. Argus applies pressure to a grounded hammerlock. He tries switching to his own front facelock, but Hallowicked simply re-applies the hold. Hallowicked gets on his own hammerlock. Argus uses his foot to break free and slip through Hallowicked’s legs. Hallowicked snapmares him into a crucifix pin. He then grabs a side headlock. Argus turns it into a wristlock and brings Hallowicked to the canvas. Argus steps on his elbow. He twists up Hallowicked’s wrist. Argus blocks a hip toss and tries a backslide. Hallowicked avoids it, but is rolled up in a small package. Argus drops Hallowicked into a swinging neckbreaker. He misses a knee drop. Hallowicked puts on a headscissors. Argus pops out and puts on a side headlock. Hallowicked takes him over in a hip toss. He drops an elbow. Argus throws a flurry of kicks. He counters a hip toss with an armdrag. He belly-to-belly suplexes Hallowicked before taking him over with a butterfly suplex. He misses a knee strike. Hallowicked hits Go 2 Sleepy Hollow for two. He also gets two with a step-up enzuigiri in the corner. He tries the Rydeen Bomb. Argus rolls through into a seatbelt pin. Hallowicked kicks out, but Argus lands a knee drop! Hallowicked blasts him with a yakuza kick for the pin at 8:25. I was very impressed with Argus in this match. His counter wrestling is already fantastic and he looked like a formidable opponent for the veteran. His instincts weren’t as sharp and he pandered to the audience too much, which is expected from a rookie and a good way to show that while his in ring work may be good, he’s still green in other respects. I very much appreciated the work and story from this match. **¾

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