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March 6, 2015 / TJ Hawke

Alberto El Patron & Matt Hardy vs. The Young Bucks from NEW 2015

Post by TJ Hawke:

Alberto El Patron had recently suffered a leg injury, and this tag match was put together as a result. Random tag matches like this on the indies do not really appeal to me. These kind of indies especially have little to no stakes going on, and the randomness of this only makes it harder to get invested. Luckily, Matt Hardy (the likely “agent” for the match) knows how to put together good tag matches.

The Bucks worked heel and relentlessly used the numbers game on Hardy. The numbers game ended up being the Bucks’ own undoing, which is something I always appreciate. The disappointing aspect of this match ended up being ADR’s hot tag. He clearly could not give as much as he normally could, and the crowd not really caring about him made it come off even worse. On top of that, there were some awkward moments involving the referee refusing to make counts for the Bucks due to claiming the illegal Buck was making the cover. ADR and Matt ended up winning out of nowhere when they applied stereo submissions on the Bucks. A disappointing match for sure, but one that I am glad that I had a chance to see. (**1/2)


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