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February 28, 2015 / themosayat

Rico Dynamite vs. Brian Kendrick from Santino Bros. Wrestling 2/28/15

Recap from Wrestling Addict:

My first time watching Rico Dynamite. I like Brian Kendrick. Let’s see what they got!

Brian offers a handshake. Rico kicks his hand instead. Next four minutes were almost all just a headlock, so you can go ahead and skip to the 5:20-minute mark. (By the way, I like the striped ropes in this place.) Brian comes back and hits a really nice dropkick! He does a nice roll-up, and then hits a good superkick. Rico comes back with a spinning neckbreaker. Brian takes back control with a running enziguri. He goes for a Shiranui off the corner, but Rico reverses it and catches Brian in a death valley drop. He goes for the pin.. 1.. 2.. 3?!

That match barely even get the chance to start before it finished. They spent almost two thirds of the match from its beginning in a headlock, and then it finished after less than 3 minutes of action. That was a total letdown. The rest of the video was an ok promo, I guess. Whatever.

Match Rating: *

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