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February 13, 2015 / Bill Thompson

Havok vs. Taryn Terrell from Total Nonstop Action Wrestling 2015

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Thoughts from Bill Thompson:

If there is one thing that Total Nonstop Action Wrestling has always been able to hang their hat on it’s their Knockouts division. While it has its fair share of groan worthy segment and moments, it would take a lot to deny that TNA pushed their women wrestlers harder as legitimate wrestlers than World Wrestling Entertainment ever has the women on their main roster. That’s why a match like this can be just okay and be a disappointment in the TNA women’s division.

I wouldn’t call this a good match, but it’s still a decent match. It’s too abbreviated and the end run isn’t as crisp as it needs to be to be better than just decent. A lot of that falls on Taryn Terrell for her weak offense, but just as much is on Havok’s shoulders for her inability to be in position for Terrell’s offense so that it looked better. When you have the wrestlers not performing to expectations in a match that ends too soon and it’s still a decent match I’d say that’s a victory right there.

This is after the huge Havok push in TNA had died down. I wasn’t too high on Havok during her mega push, as I felt that more often than not she was outperformed by the majority of the TNA roster. Sometimes that was okay, like when Gail Kim was proving yet again that she is a drastically underrated talent as she carried Havok in their matches. Other times it spoke to the deficiencies of Havok as a worker, like when Madison Rayne managed to perform better than her in their first match. This however, for the most part, is not a bad Havok performance. She loses it near the end a bit in terms of her timing and positioning, but prior to that this is probably the best she has looked in a non-Gail Kim TNA match. She hits all of her moves with snap, and she seems like a true menace.

I’m still not sold on Terrell, as for my money she’s a bit too scream queen as opposed to a pro wrestler. That being said she is a pretty good bumper. She needs more believable offense, and this match is proof of that. Her comeback doesn’t really fly because her Clotheslines look like they wouldn’t hurt a fly, let alone Havok. Still, she is able to do a good job of adjusting on the go to Havok being out of position at times. Despite me ragging on her offense I did find that Terrell worked best when she was trying to connect with the audience and fire up for her comebacks.

Not a good match, but a decent outing nonetheless. It speaks volumes about TNA’s women’s division that I can say this is only a decent match but still better than the majority of what WWE ever allows their main roster women to do. Havok and Terrell put on a decent performance that is easily forgettable, but that’s about what one should expect from a cut off Xplosion match.

Bill Thompson

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