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February 8, 2015 / Kevin Ford

N_R_G vs. Flying Francis (Matt Novak & Branden O’Connor) from National Pro Wrestling Day 2015

Post by Kevin Ford:

O’Connor ducks Jaxon’s clothesline and recites some of “O Canada!” Novak tags in, ten hits the floor so O’Connor can dump Jaxon tot he floor from behind. Rockwell is woken up by a slap from O’Connor. Jaxon catches O’Connor with a high crossbody. He hip tosses Novak into a slam. Jaxon dives off of Rockwell’s back onto O’Connor and Novak, as well as some fans by accident. Rockwell lights up Novak with a pair of jabs and a slam. Jaxon back elbows Noval to avoid a corner attack. O’Connor crotches Jaxon on the top rope and double stomps him into a tree of woe! Novak follows with a cannonball senton. O’Connor knocks Rockwell to the floor so he and Novak can isolate Jaxon in their corner. They try their tandem offense in the corner again, but this time Jaxon is able to sit-up to avoid it. He lands a moonsault press onto both O’Connor and Novak and tags in Rockwell who cleans house. He clotheslines them in opposite corners. O’Connor gets sent to the floor. Rockwell spins out Novak into a powerslam for two. Novak tries a crossbody. Rockwell catches him and tosses him up into a tandem flapjack with Jaxon. Jaxon Jon Woo dropkicks O’Connor to the corner. He hits a through the ropes clothesline. Rockwell drops O’Connor with a spinebuster. Novak puts O’Connor’s foot on the ropes to stop the count. Novak catches Rockwell with a back handspring Ace Crusher. O’Connor lands a frog splash and Rockwell kicks out. Novak accidentally tornado kicks O’Connor. Jaxon superkicks Novak into the Hyper Wheel from Rockwell for the pin at 8:24. This was far and away the most N_R_G has had a chance to be showcased and they made the most of it. Flying Francis were great foils and with N_R_G created a very fun, exciting tag bout. **¾

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