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February 5, 2015 / themosayat

Ryota Nakatsu vs. Kazusada Higuchi from DDT 2015

Recap from Wrestling Addict:

I was told both of these guys only debuted in November, about half a year ago. Let’s see how they developed and if it’s good enough to cast a first impression that makes me a fan.

Nice few kicks by Ryota (in the red shorts) to start things off. They wrestle it out for a few minutes afterwards. Ryota seems to be concentrating his attack on Higuchi’s arm. Higuchi focuses his offense on Ryota’s back. The match continues being slow for the first 10 minutes of it, but they execute those holds and slug out stretches with more intensity than you usually see. It’s well done. Higuchi got a variety of holds to use. (Sidenote: I couldn’t help but notice the DNA sign in the corner being VERY similar to TNA’s, especially with the color shade and font, all match long.)

Ryota starts making a come back and both guys hit each other stiff. Ryota’s kicks in particular are reeeally good! He goes back to locking Higuchi in his kimura lock. Higuchi takes back control with a ~beautiful~ dropkick (especially for a man with his physique!) A few minutes later, Ryota starts slapping Higuchi pretty HARD, while Higuchi gets back at him by chopping him to death! Ryota executes a well done German suplex and bridges for the pin, but he only gets 2. Frustrated, he slaps and punches the crap out of Higuchi while the referee shouts at him to back off as he gets concerned about their well-being. Higuchi stands up, feeling disrespected, but almost immediately gets caught in a rolling cross-armbreaker by Ryota that looked beautiful. He tries fighting back for quite a bit, and even gets up while holding and lifting Ryota with him, but Ryota pins him down back again and continues holding him. Higuchi fights back up again, lifts Ryota with him, sitout powerbombs him and goes for the pin immediately.. but Ryota kicks out at 2. He stands up and runs the ropes to deliver a HELLACIOUS clothesline that completely flipped Ryota on his face. To be sure he got the job done, he lifts him up on his shoulder as if he was going for Bobby Lashley’s Dominator finisher, but drops him with a chokeslam on his back and pins him. 1.. 2.. 3, AND IT’S OVER!

God, what a match! I did not expect it to be on this high of a level whatsoever. If those guys only have half a year of experience and they’re this good when they give it their all, imagine how great they might become. I’m surely going to keep an eye on their future recommended matches. And you should watch this one!

Match Rating: ***1/2

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