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January 25, 2015 / themosayat

The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama) vs. Hallowicked & Frightmare from CHIKARA’s A New Start 2015

Recap from Wrestling Addict:

Match starts at 1:30 in the video. This is tag team action from CHIKARA’s season 15 premiere between the darkly-transformed Hallowicked and Frightmare, and Obariyon and Kodama of The Batiri. I don’t remember what turned Hallowicked and Frightmare evil to be honest with you. (I know it’s the Eye of Tyr, but I don’t remember who used it.) However, you can still feel the emotion and how betrayed fellow CHIKARA wrestlers and fans feel watching this. Also, their new costumes look pretty sick! UltraMantis Black is on commentary, and he’s always and insightful, delightful and enjoyable voice.

Frightmare and Hallowicked jump the Batiri from the beginning of the match. the Batiri regroup in a minute and take back control with a springboard armdrag and a nice dropkick from Kodama. Inverted atomic drop/running knee combo by the Batiri. Obariyon eliminates Hallowicked outside the ring, and throws Frightmare over the top rope as well. He then holds the ropes open for Kodama who runs and jumps with a suicide dive onto both Frightmare and Hallowicked. Obariyon goes for a one of his own, but Frightmare and Hallowicked shield themselves with his partner, taking back control. Sidewalk slam/second-rope leg drop combo by Frightmare and Hallowicked. The crowd have been into the match alright, preventing the slow parts of the heat segment from being boring. Kodama gets the tag but the ref doesn’t see it. That was unnecessary at this point. Obariyon, still trapped by Hallowicked and Frightmare, tries escaping their hold and finally does so with a powerslam to Frightmare. Kodama is tagged in and he starts cleaning house. Neckbreaker to Frightmare. Backward diamond cutter to Hallowicked. the Batiri put Frightmare in the corner with a vicious dropkick Finn Balor-style, and follow it quickly with a rope-aided corner dropkick and rolling, running corner dropkick. Nice tag team action. Frightmare tries gaining back control but the Batiri deliver and blockbuster into a lungblower combination. Hallowicked catches one of the Batiri with a step-up kick in the corner. He then delivers a go-2-sleepy-hollow (fireman carry into a kick to the mid-section) to the other. Rydeen bomb (sitout spinebuster) to the first again and Hallowicked goes for the pin… 1.. 2.. but no, a kickout. Step-up kick/big boot combo in the corner by Frightmare and Hallowicked. Big snapmare off the top rope and then a kneecolepsy (standing moonsault double-knee drop), but Kodama breaks the pin. Drop toehold into a knee to the face by the Batiri. Hallowicked throws one of them out of the ring and attacks the other with a big boot into a crucifix bomb by Frightmare, which gets the 1, 2, 3 afterwards.

Really nice tag match. Everybody performed smoothly and creatively. It never really got to that next level, but I enjoyed it a lot regardless.

Match Rating: **3/4

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