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January 25, 2015 / themosayat

Milo Beasley vs. Mike Cruz from Vintage Wrestling 2015

Recap from Wrestling Addict:

This is the first time I’ll be watching either one of these two. This match is a street fight. That’s not my thing in wrestling, to be honest with you. But the match is held outdoors in the streets, so this could be interesting.

Milo Beasley (who looks quite a bit like a slim Chris Hero in Luke Harper’s clothes and with Daniel Bryan’s eyes) enters with his own teddy bear that he dressed like himself, looks at it quietly, gives it a kiss and then hands it to some security attendant as he storms the ring and starts pounding Mike Cruz in the ground. Beasley starts dragging Cruz around the ring, chopping him and smacking him with and into stuff. He sets up a table between the ring apron and the guardrails. Cruz takes back control after that and then pulls a ladder from under the ring. Beasley runs the ropes, ready to suicide dive into Cruz, but Cruz smashes him with the ladder as he passes through the ropes and falls onto the concrete floor. Cruz sets up a stop sign in the corner like they do with chairs, and drags Beasley and face busts him into it. Cruz gets an actual chair this time and sets it up in the corner again. He throws Beasley into it, Beasley stops, and then Cruz charges into him only for Beasley to dodge him and for Cruz to go straight into the chair he sat up himself. Beasley hits Cruz with a sliding forearm while he’s sitting in the corner. Cruz takes back control afterwards as he backdrops Beasley onto the stop sign. He hits him with three consecutive knee drops, and then climbs the ropes. Beasley gets up and throws the stop sign at his head to stop him! He positions a ladder in the middle of the ring, and goes for a super-frankensteiner ONTO THE LADDER! Beasley waits for Cruz to get up to hit him with a chair, but Cruz dodges and hits him with the first German suplex, the second German suplex and he goes for the third but Beasley counters. Beasley charges at Cruz in the corner that has a ladder sat up in it only to be belly-to-back suplexed onto the ladder by Cruz! This match has been back and forth and smoothly wrestled by both guys that I’ve enjoyed it well so far. Cruz brings a table into the ring. He opens a ladder near the corner and between the corner and the table. He tries to grab Beasley but Beasley back drops him onto the table that was sat up between the ring and the guardrails at the beginning of the match. He goes for a missile dropkick but Cruz dodges. Cruz tries hitting him with a chair, but Beasley throws a discuss elbow into the chair INTO Cruz’s face! Beasley takes off his elbow pad getting ready to hit a sliding D as the announcer says, but Cruz counters with a fast and furious superkick. He goes for the cover.. 1.. 2.. KICKOUT! Cruz grabs the chair and SMACKS Beasley with it across the head hard! Haven’t seen a headshot like that in forever. Then, Cruz puts him on the table and climbs the ladder. He notices Beasley trying to sit up and show some spirit, so he climbs down again and hits him with another chair shot to the head! No mercy. He climbs back again all the way up until he’s standing on the top step and jumps with a senton on Beasley on the table, which doesn’t even break! Ouch. HE CLIMBS BACK AGAIN and jumps with ANOTHER senton that breaks the table this time! 1.. 2.. AND 3! Mike Cruz wins the fight. I call it a fight and not a wrestling match because that’s what it mostly was, and it was very good at that.

Really loved this match despite me not really liking most no DQ matches. They built it well and showed some story of determination and despise for each other inside the match. Enjoyed both guys’ performances.

Match Rating: ***1/4

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