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January 23, 2015 / JP

JT Dunn vs. Austin Aries from 2015

Post by JP Nichols:

This is a very unique match on paper. At the time, Austin Aries was still being criminally underutilized in TNA while Dunn is someone who deserves much more exposure on the independent scene. Looking forward to this one.

Dueling chant and a handshake to start. Collar & elbow and they trade going to the mat. Aries gives Dunn an applause for his work. Aries goes for a few quick pin attempts before locking in the Last Chancery. JT quickly makes the ropes. Crowd chants for both again. Side headlock by Aries countered into one by JT. JT goes to the ropes, turns Aries around, and dropkicks Aries in the knee for a quick pin attempt. JT plays to the crowd. Some of the crowd chants “Save us, JT” for reasons unknown to me. JT gets wrist control. Aries springs up and takes control back. He tosses Dunn down with an arm drag. Dunn attempts a headscissors, but was unaware that you cannot do a headscissor on Austin Aries. Dropkick out of that for two by Aries. Dunn gets a snapmare/dropkick to the back for two. Snapmare by Aries and a dropkick to the back from the middle rope by Aries for two. Aries knees Dunn in the back before going to a headlock. Dunn gets to his feet. Aries sends him to the ropes and hits a back elbow and a jumping elbow drop for two. Headlock again before Aries goes for a unique pinfall attempt for two. Aries grabs Dunn, Dunn pushes off. Aries charges and eats a boot. He charges again, Dunn kicks him off and hits a clothesline for two. Dunn gains the advantage and attempts to wear Aries down. Aries gets to his feet out of a headlock and fights out of it before a dropkick by Dunn for two. Dunn shoulder blocks Aries in the corner and hits a quick jab. Dunn goes for a suplex, Aries tries to cut him off, but Dunn hits it for two.

Dunn tries to get the crowd going with a clap. He lays Aries down on the mat before attempting an elbow drop into the ring from the apron but misses. Aries sends him to the floor. Aries goes to dive but Dunn rolls in and Aries is on the apron. He gets Dunn by the hair and runs him from post to post face first into the turnbuckle. Aries flies over Dunn into the ring. Gutbuster/sweeps the leg of Dunn and Aries hits the Pendulum Elbow~! It gets two as Aries waits for Dunn to get to a knee. He sets Dunn up for the brainbuster. Dunn rolls through into a roll up and attempts a KNEELING SUPERKICK~! Before Aries catches him into the kneebreaker/back suplex combination. Dunn counters the back suplex portion into a pin attempt, quickly gets to his feet for the KNEELING SUPERKICK for two. Dunn lays into Aries with strikes. He goes for punches in the corner but Aries counters into a Powerbomb for two. He quickly locks in The Last Chancery. Dunn rolls to his side and makes the ropes before going to the floor. Aries goes for a splash to the outside but Dunn moves and Aries crashes on the floor. Dunn tells the fans to move and he puts Aries stomach-first across the rail. Dunn goes for a leg drop off the apron but crashes arm first into the rail. Aries springs back in with a strike to the back and rolls Dunn back in. Missle Dropkick from Aries. Aries goes for the IED in the corner but Dunn catches him with a boot. Roaring forearm attempt by JT, but Aries pushes him to the ropes. Forearm by Aries. They have a brief exchange as Aries sets up for the brainbuster. Rolling Enzugiri by JT for two. Some of the crowd chants “this is awesome.” They trade strikes until Aries gets the kneebreaker/toss again. IED hits this time. Aries grabs Dunn and lifts him up for the brainbuster and hits it for the 3-count just below 16 minutes.

This was a good match and I appreciate FBW making it happen due to how random it is. Both wrestlers are incredibly talented and deserve to be seen in larger capacities. With Aries now being a free agent, I hope that independent promotions start looking into booking him more. ROH would really benefit from having him on the roster. Dunn continues to show a lot of promise and would be a welcome addition to any independent card right now.


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