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January 18, 2015 / TJ Hawke

Johnny Mundo vs. King Cuerno from Lucha Underground 2015

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Cuerno has been “hunting” Mundo for a while.

Mundo was running through Cuerno at the start, and he hit a crazy, corkscrew dive. Cuerno then cut him off in the ring with a backbreaker. Cuerno then worked him over. Mundo fought back after a spear. There was an awful edit where Morrison clearly had an armbar, but then they cut to the crowd and the submission was no longer in place. When you already have an environment that is in perpetual danger of seeming as fake/staged as The Underground, you really cannot afford to do things like that.

Cuerno came back with a tope suicida. And a second. Lucha guys are the best at tope suicidas. He called for the third one…and he connected! That honestly was the best “three dives in a row” spot I’ve ever seen. That’s not much of a bar to get over mind you. It’s like doing the best one-count spot ever. Cuerno got to his feet relatively easily, but these two ended up both getting cut out.

They continued to brawl after the match. Mundo did a dive through the turnbuckle (shades of Sami Zayn). They brawled into the crowd. Cuerno punched out the referee. They went through a gimmicked cage. I would assume this feud ends in a cage match based on that. (Editor’s Note: That is correct. Yay me.)

Mundo has never been a natural at brawls as his offense has always erred on the side of overly-coordinated. They compensated for that though with some strong sequences that upped the intensity. The post-match brawl was equally effective in that regard. This isn’t how I would use Mundo, but he did a solid job. Cuerno was quite good here, and I want to see more of him now.

Match Rating: ***

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