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January 17, 2015 / TJ Hawke

Johnny Mundo vs. Cage from Lucha Underground 2015

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Cage was wearing the ripped-up Lucha Underground Championship around his neck. Beautiful.

Cage cut off Mundo early on with a buckle bomb on the floor. Cage went for a double-jump moonsault at one point, but Mundo avoided it. Cage is, in fact, a fucking machine. Mundo made a comeback. Cage rolled to the floor to avoided Starship Pain, but Mundo then did a corkscrew plancha over a turnbuckle. Matt Stiker, a real human being (presumably), literally said this exact sentence, “GTFO! THAT WAS AWESOME!” Go away. King Cuerno then attacked Mundo to give Mundo a win via disqualification.

Dario Cueto came out to re-start the match. Cage immediately went after the left leg (which Cuerno attacked). Mundo was hobbled but made a comeback. He hit Moonlight Drive for a nearfall. Cage hit the F5: 1…2…NO! Mundo avoided Weapon-X and got a nearfall with a sunset flip. Discus lariat from Cage! Weapon-X: 1…2…3

Cage continues to be my favorite part of Lucha Underground. The stuff with King Cuerno actually contributed to the match in a positive manner AND set up (or continued?) an issue between Cuerno and Mundo. Good stuff all around!

Match Rating: ***


Alberto “El Patron” showed up in Dario’s office after the match! Yay!


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