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January 17, 2015 / themosayat

Cedric Alexander vs. Asylum from Empire State Wrestling 2015

Recap from Wrestling Addict:

I haven’t watched Asylum wrestle before, but he was laying some truths about the wrestling business in an attempt to get Cedric to give up the match before it starts. That didn’t seem to work, and it got him pissed, so he promised that if he doesn’t beat Cedric, he’s never working in ESW again.

Cedric got a quick enziguri to start the match, and it pissed Asylum off. He got out of the ring and challenged Cedric to come out and FIGHT him like A MAN. From there on, they started brawling and stiffing each other hard around the ring. The camera work wasn’t the best in this, just to warn you. Someone else came and started cheating with Asylum and distracting the ref. Asylum worked Cedric’s leg for a while after that, and the pace of the match slowed considerably because of it. Cedric fought through it and hit a few flash moves and kicks. I expected the match to get into a back and forth contest of big action in the final 3 minutes, but instead, they continued slow until Cedric missed a top rope frog splash and Asylum took the chance to win with a gutwrench powerbomb.

Not a great match by any means, but Cedric’s parts of it looked solid. It’d be safe for you to skip this.

Match Rating: **1/2

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