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January 14, 2015 / Bill Thompson

Joey Janela vs. Joe Gacy from Combat Zone Wrestling 2015

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Thoughts from Bill Thompson:

This is a No Disqualification match for Joe Gacy’s Combat Zone Wrestling Wired Championship.

You know that feeling when you’re watching something really great and then the cracks start to form? Then soon those cracks widen, and next thing you know the cracks are giant fissures and the water is pouring in as the ship is headed for the bottom of the ocean? Unfortunately that is this match in a nutshell, as what was promising at the start limps to the finish line. By the time Gacy versus Joey Janela is done, the boat hasn’t just sunk it’s disappeared into some unknown cavern, never to be seen again.

At the onset though, Gacy versus Janela is some top notch stuff. I wasn’t exactly loving Janela in the strike exchanges, but Gacy’s magnificent worked Punches more than made up for Janela’s relatively weak looking Punches. Then Gacy hurt his arm, and the match kicked into high gear. A natural progression was taking place; Janela wasn’t fairing well in the brawling and so he turned to attacking a body part. It made sense, and it was executed to perfection.

Gacy is wonderful at selling the arm, and surprisingly I bought Janela as this vicious tactician going after said arm. Janela finds all kinds of neat ways to attack the arm, from various ways of throwing Gacy into the ringpost to a Double Stomp onto Gacy’s injured arm. At the same time Gacy starts to wrestle one handed. He is lifting Janela up with one arm, and he’s centering all of his offensive outbursts around his one good arm. For a good while I thought I was watching another match of the year candidate from Joe Gacy.

That all changed with a Vertical Suplex on the outside. When Gacy hit a Vertical Suplex using his bad arm the first crack formed. A few minutes later when Gacy hit a Superplex, again with the injured arm, the first crack widened and more cracks appeared. Still, there was time for the ship to be righted; and if anyone could do it a wrestler the caliber of Gacy could.

Unfortunately Gacy and Janela had different ideas as the final third of the match turned into a garbage brawl. That in and of itself wouldn’t have bothered me, after all garbage brawls are fairly common in CZW and it is a promotion that can do said brawls in a workable fashion. In this case though they wasted far too much time trying to loosen the top ring rope and use it as a weapon. My disbelief could not be suspended for any of the work revolving around the ring rope. Once the multiple run-ins started I had given up on the match. What was once promising was now a sunken ship.

Joe Gacy is still one of the best wrestlers in the world. He showed in this match why that is the case, but he also showed some holes in his game. It’s not that his execution was lacking, but the match he put together was not structurally sound. Janela is serviceable, but he needs a unique environment to work and I’m not convinced CZW is that environment. Still, I know that these two could have a much better match, just leave all the extraneous crap at home.

Gacy versus Janela ended up at the bottom of the ocean. It’s doom could have been prevented, but neither man took the steps necessary to salvage their vessel. This is the rare miss from a big time Dojo Wars match. As much as it pains me to say, this is some free wrestling that you don’t need to make the time to watch.

Bill Thompson

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