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January 10, 2015 / themosayat

Chris Hero vs. Sugar Dunkerton from Strong Style Wrestling’s Defining Moment 2015

Recap from Wrestling Addict:

Dunkerton wore a Mohammed Ali hoodie, while Hero wore a Mike Tyson one. Nice.

Hero controlled the early portion of the match as he usually does with nice technical wrestling. Sugar got cocky and mocked Hero after catching him in a surfboard submission, and Hero snapped, starting the second act of this match where he hits his opponent as hard as he can. The match got considerably slow here, as Sugar started flailing around and struggling to get back up after each strike by Hero, who took him all around the crowd outside the ring. Dunkerton starts his comeback with a few rights and lefts before putting Hero down with an uppercut. The match becomes a back and forth striking contest from there on, though Hero still controlled most of it. Hero gets angry and shouty, challenging Sugar to give him the best he got. Sugar gets a nice flurry of hits then, and continues until the end of the match where he knocks Hero out with a flying knee to the face!

Hero is a champion at showing how his opponent earned his respect and how much the loss affected him after this kind of matches. As for the match, it was alright. It went a bit long and was quite slow at parts, but they told a nice story and the action was fine.

Match Rating: **1/2

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