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December 28, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Drew Gulak from Beyond Wrestling’s Ends Meet 2014

Post by Sam DiMascio:

We don’t get ten seconds in and the grappling lad Drew Gulak is busting out a tope for all the good people in attendance. Ciampa catches Gulak as they are getting back into the ring and instantly turns into a robot from the distant future where humans are slapped to death by their mechanical counterparts on a regular basis. They have a short exchange where Gulak more or less has the advantage cause the fully haired load can snag a hold when he pleases. The fact that there is an actual struggler over Ciampa breaking Gulak’s ankle lock where Gulak has to keep repositioning himself until Ciampa can find a hole to get to the ropes was pretty darn nice. Ciampa tries doing a leapfrog over Gulak AND GULAK ROLLS INTO A PIN ATTEMPT!!! Ciampa catches the grappling Gulak as he is going to that top turnbuckle and we get a SUPER AIR RAID CRASH! Now these cats are just blasting into each other like a couple of pricks. Ciampa does a side stepping leapfrog but Gulak rolls again into a knee! That…that was so neat.  Ciampa puts him away with a discuss lariat. Feels like a bit of weak finish given both of them tearing into each other on occasion. I don’t want to say that Gulak should have done a nutty bump for it but at the same time placing that finish right after a super smart knee comes off a tad odd.

Regardless of the ending, which wasn’t abysmal by any means, this match was a jam packed six minute match. In those six minutes they are able to deliver a real heated feel where you don’t see either man going for lazy lockups. When Ciampa is on offense, he wants to beat your brains in. When Gulak is on offense, he would beat your brains in until he could grab a hold. What a HOOT!


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